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How to connect Canon M50 to Mac

The Canon m50 is a stylish and compact camera with a vari-angle touch screen, high-resolution viewfinder, and large grip.

The Canon M50 professional camera can be considered affordable, depending on your budget. This camera can shoot almost ten frames per seconds and has the ability to increase ISO to 51200. Canon M50 supports 4K movie shooting.

Let’s now see how to safely transfer these images from Canon M50 onto your computer.

Connect Canon m50 to Mac with LENTION 4-in-1 USB-C Hub with Type C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 Macbook Air adapter.

Step 1.

Click on Auto Send Images To Your Computer. Once enabled, the auto-send option activates this feature. Next, you will need to choose the image sending options. These can be sorted by range or type.

Step 2.

After asking the camera to select the auto-send option, it will be activated again. The camera must pair with the computer via the software utility.

Install the Canon Image Transfer Utility Software onto your computer. The setting option will allow you to choose the location for image saving. You will need to choose the folder where your images should be saved on your computer.

Step 3.

Open the Wi-Fi settings for the image transfer program and turn on Wi-Fi.

After the initial setup, pairing will begin. In which section you will choose the Wi-Fi network to pair with your computer. After the installation is completed, you can transfer files automatically from your M50 camera into the PC.

Connect canon m50 and mac – EOS utility wifi

Here are the steps to transfer images from Canon to MAC

Canon EOS cameras can always use Wi-Fi.

The M50 camera is still the first model that allows you to move image files automatically from your camera’s memory card to a specific location on compatible Windows or Mac computers.

Canon Image Transfer Utility2 Software is available for Windows and Mac computers. It allows you to do many things such as:

  • Transfer files easily from your SD card.
  • You can select multiple images from the card and have the whole collection sent to you as soon as it is reactivated.
  • Canon’s Camera Connect App allows you to send images taken from your camera to compatible iOS or Android devices.
  • The Utility Software by Canon can be used to connect your computer with the camera via wireless access, securing a connection and transferring images.
  • Automatic Transfer of Images from Canon M50 to Mac

To complete this transfer, you will need an EOS M50 camera and the images inside, a sound Wi Fi system, compatible Macs or Windows computers, and the Canon Image Transfer Utility 2 software.

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