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Live view: How to use Canon EOS 80D

When you focus on a landscape or person, the number one thing that you want to be able to see is its accuracy. You can magnify the live view display on the Canon EOS 80D to achieve this effect, which is not possible with viewfinder photography. However, it works when you focus manually or in an AF mode other than Face Tracking. How do you do it? Here’s how it works:

Step 1.

Canon EOS 80D live focus

Select the zoom icon or click on the AF Point Selection button. After you click on this button, all of your data and shooting aids will be erased and you will see a rectangle frame and a box in the lower right corner. This box represents the entire screen in relation to the area you are focusing on. You can only see the magnification level you have achieved by following a number and an “x” on the screen.

Step 2.

Canon EOS 80D live focus – AF Point

Next, move the frame to the subject you want. To move the frame to the desired location, tap on the screen or use the directional selection buttons.

Step 3.

Canon EOS 80D live View Focus – Magnification 10x

Once you have reached the desired location, click the AF point selection button or the zoom icon once more. This will magnify the frame area. The rectangle at the bottom right will shrink to show the area you are focusing on. A scroll bar will appear on the sides of your screen, which allows you to move the magnified frame. Each click zooms the image 5x. The second click will zoom the image 10x, etc.

Step 4.

Canon EOS 80D live focus – Menu

This mode can only magnify up to 10x. Clicking on the same AF points selection will zoom out, and it will return to normal mode. This is an extremely useful feature that you can enhance with some tips and tricks. This feature will be easy to use with these tips and tricks. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

  • It is difficult to move the frame one point at a time when you zoom in 10x. This problem can be solved with one click. Simply click on the erase or set buttons in the menu of your Canon flip screen DSLR camera. This will instantly take you to the middle of the screen. You can click on the erase button or set button to instantly go to any point on the screen.
  • Remember to exit the magnified view before taking the photo. It is possible that your exposure may be off if you don’t do this. Keep in mind that magnified zoom will allow you to click the entire picture, not just the zoomed portion. To ensure that you get a good exposure, zoom in before taking a photo. This will not be representative of what’s going on in the rest.

This method can be used to verify the accuracy of your focus the next time you need it. This will make it easier.

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