Adobe Premiere Pro vs Davinci Resolve


Battle of the Best – Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro

These names are likely to be familiar to anyone who has ever been interested in Video Editing or a novice who may have Googled “Best Video Editing Software”. DaVinci Resolve Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro X. These three NLEs are among the most powerful on the market. With all of their updates, they have been fighting it out over the years. This has been a topic of discussion within editors for many years, and it is still a major question for those who are just starting.

Which is better? It all depends on the features you need. We’ll be listing the benefits and drawbacks of this software in this post. You decide.

Final Cut Pro X

Non-linear video editing software by Apple Inc.


A one-time purchase of 299 USD allows you to have up to two computers in the same account. You can try the software for free for 90 days.


Final Cut Pro is considered to be the most efficient software among its competitors. Final Cut was created by Apple specifically for MAC users. Final Cut is optimized for MAC users. Final Cut renders in your background as you work. This allows you to have a seamless workflow. With very few to no crashes, you can work with 4K footage.



This feature is only available for macOS users. It could be a problem in collaboration work.


Final Cut is your best friend. It has an auto-save feature that will always save your progress and ensure that your files are not lost in the event of unexpected crashes.


It is a personal preference. Final Cut’s interface is very minimalistic. It almost appears empty when you first open it. Some controls are difficult to locate for beginners because they are too small. Some users like it because it allows them to have more workspace. Final Cut’s organization can be confusing. They create a project folder and then two sub-folders, creating a folder called the event. (I don’t know how to explain it… Can I arrange my files as I wish? __S.42__


Final Cut Pro X has a wide range of transitions, 2D and 3-D titles, and video and audio effects. It supports a wide range of audio and color adjustments. It supports many file formats. This video editor is fully equipped and professional-grade for all types of creators.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Systems’ first computer-based NLE. It is part of Adobe Creative Suite.

– PRICE31.49 USD Monthly Plan / 239.88 USD Annual Plan20.99 USD per month, paid monthly

Adobe Premiere Pro can be purchased as a subscription-based software. Your subscription will never end. This might make it more difficult to consider a subscription plan. Comparable to other subscription plans that require a one-time payment.


It works on Windows, MAC, and Linux. It allows you to work continuously and can easily transfer your files from your PC, MAC, or phone. This is great for collaboration.


Adobe Premiere is notorious for slow export speeds and crashes. This software requires a fairly powerful computer to run smoothly.


It has a wide range of controls that are easy to use for audio and color adjustments. There is also a large library of paid and free templates for text, titles, and motion graphics. You will find all the essential and professional tools you need. It supports a variety of file formats.


Premiere Pro can also be used as a standalone editor, but I don’t think so. Adobe Premiere Pro’s latest version has controls that are similar to Adobe Audition and a little bit of Adobe After Effects. It also offers advanced color adjustment controls. The entire Creative Suite is required to edit more and do it in detail. This adds to the cost. You could use Audition for Audio and After Effects for animated stuff, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop for graphics. Amazing is the dynamic link between all Adobe software. The only problem is that there will be an additional cost. This decision is up to you.


Adobe Premiere Pro offers the most flexible workspace. You can arrange all windows to create a comfortable workspace. You can find all tools and effects in the respective windows. Adobe gives you the freedom to do whatever you want and allows you to work as comfortably as possible.

DaVinci Resolve Studio

Blackmagic Design has developed a color correction and NLE created by da Vinci Systems.


For 299 USD, one-time purchase Offers free version, no limit. – DaVinci Resolve


Available for macOS, Linux, and Windows


DaVinci Resolve Studio offers the most advanced and innovative color grading tools of any video editing software. This is the best color grading software, as any colorist will attest.


You have full control over color corrections and grading. You can create 3D effects and motion graphics. Excellent audio control, great tracking tool, and can be used for basic to advanced editing.


DaVinci Resolve Studio is not like Adobe Premiere, which requires After Effects or Audition to do more detailed editing. Instead, it has multiple software that can be used for specific tasks. It also has Fusion, which can be used for motion graphics, composition, and chroma. This is similar to After Effects. It has Fairlightequivalent Adobe Audition. This is a fully-functional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), which gives DaVinci an extremely powerful tool to make audio adjustments. All of this and more is included in one software. DaVinci is more like a computer than a program.


Some people might find the controls a little overwhelming and the screen can feel cluttered. This software may require multiple screens to make it easier to use.


DaVinci Resolve can be a very intense program. If you don’t have the right system, you will have a hard time running this software.

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