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How do I customize the Shutter AE Lock Buton on Canon Rebel T6?

When you use a camera, the autofocus feature will be activated by default.Canon flip screenDSLR Rebel T6/1300D. You can operate it by half-pressing the shutter button. To lock the auto-exposure button you must press the AE lock key. It is essential to understand the workings of the AE lock button and the autofocus. Canon Rebel T6/1300D. You should also learn how to customize lock buttons if you want to capture perfect images.

Use the Canon vlogging camera you are using the DSLR Rebel T6/1300D first time, it is important to properly configure the buttons. You will need to adjust the Mode dial settings to P, Av, and Tv. Details of the shutter buttons can be found in the next section.

What do shutter and AE buttons do?

  • Shutter AF lock or AE lock you will need to press the shutter Ae or half button to activate the auto exposure mode. You must press the AE lock to start autofocus. This function, however, is the exact opposite of the default setting.
  • AF/AE lockThis is the default setting for the AE lockCanon vlogging camera Rebel T6/1300D. You can activate the autofocus function by simply pressing half of the shutter button. You must press the AE lock key to lock the auto-exposure function.
  • AF/AF Lock, no AE LockPress the shutter button to activate the autofocus/exposure function. Canon flip screen DSLR Rebel T6/1300D is sufficient. To lock the focus function you will need to press the AE Lock key.

How do you learn to capture subjects accurately using the AF Lock function?

You can avoid focus issues by using the exposure and focus options of your Canon to get the perfect shot.vlogging cameraRebel T6/1300D. The autofocus function works even when the AI Servo mode is enabled. The autofocus function adjusts the focus of your image as soon as you press half the shutter button and continues to press until the image is captured. This function is called the CanCon flip screen best DSLR Rebel T6/1300D for moving objects is the Nikon D610. This feature has one drawback. If a moving object is within range of your subject, the camera could capture it by accident. You need to be able to capture the right subject, even if there are moving objects around it.

To overcome this problem, you can use the Canon camera’s lock options to activate the autofocus option. Half-pressing the shutter button will activate the lock option. To capture the image, however, you must press the AE Lock button. This will prevent the autofocus option from adjusting the focus to the subject. It will resume autofocusing once you press the AE Lock button. When you take the picture, the exposure will be adjusted to the subject.

What is the AE/AF lock?

TheCanon flips screens AE/AF lock mode of the DSLR Rebel T6/1300D is activated when you press the shutter button half-press. You can continue using the autofocus function in AI Servo mode by holding the AE lock key. This works well if your subject is constantly moving. The exposure will be set as soon as you take the picture.

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