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Alexa vs Google Assistant – Overview

New technology innovations bring new devices that make the technology even more accessible. The current scenario is that we all have smartphones and other smart devices powered by the most recent technologies.

Smart voice assistants are a must-have for smart devices. The battle between virtual voice assistants is on, and it’s hard to decide which one is best for you.

The most highly rated voice assistants are Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Google Assistant. These voice assistants are a standard feature on many smartphones and devices. These products are from some of the biggest companies in the world, so it can be difficult to choose between them.

We have made it easy for you to compare these voice assistants. This article covers everything you need to know about Amazon’s Alexa voice assistants and Google’s Google Assistant voice assistants. This detailed guide to Alexa and Google Assistant will help you understand the differences between virtual voice assistants.

Before we move on to the main part of the comparison, let’s first understand what Virtual Voice Assistant actually means.

What is Virtual Voice Assistant?

Virtual Voice Assistant is a voice-assistant technology that was developed for smartphones and smart home devices. This technology can recognize voice, language, commands, and voice commands to help you complete your tasks using connected smart devices.

What is Virtual Voice Assistant?

The advanced algorithm of the Virtual Voice Assistant allows it to perform a wide range of tasks based on the voice commands given by users. Google Assistant was the first voice assistant to be introduced by Google.

The two most used virtual voice assistants are currently Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. These voice assistants are smarter and more capable of handling various tasks thanks to technological advances.

These assistants offer many similar functions to their users. These assistants have their own unique functions that make them different. Let’s look at the differences between these voice assistants.

Alexa Vs Google Assistant

  1. Voice Recognition

Alexa Vs Google Assistant – Voice recognization
  • We found that Alexa and Google Assistant both did a good job of recognizing voice commands. They respond quickly to your voice commands. Voice assistants work well with their smart speakers.
  • The Alexa app on your phone can be used to customize the Amazon Alexa wake word. The Alexa app allows you to manually enable the new wake word on all connected devices.
  • Google Assistant users, however, do not have this feature. To wake up the Assistant, you will need to use Hey Google or OK, Google. There is no delay in responding to voice commands.
  • Both assistants can also be used to have continuous conversations, so you don’t need to wake them up again. Both assistants can recognize different voices. Alexa and Google Assistant can recognize voice commands from up to six people at once.
  1. Music and Podcasts

Alexa Vs Google Assistant Music and Podcasts
  • Voice Assistants are used by more than 75% of users for podcasts and music. Alexa and Google Assistant have the best integration with podcast and music apps. You can also enable third-party music apps using the Settings menu of your smartphone.
  • When we look at the number of music services Alexa can support, it becomes clear that Alexa supports 11 services, including Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music.
  • Google Assistant, on the other hand, supports 9 music services, including Apple Music, Deezer, and iHeartRadio as well as Google Music, YouTube Music. TuneIn, SiriusXM. Spotify.
  • Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to play your favorite tracks from your favorite music site. The assistant will find the best track for you and play it as fast as possible according to your commands.
  • Both Amazon and Google have made it easier for podcast listeners to recognize podcasts. Alexa allows you to integrate with your Apple Podcast account.
  • Amazon Alexa offers more integrations and features than Google Assistant. This is why Alexa is the winner.
  1. General Knowledge

Alexa Vs Google assistant – General Knowledge
  • Virtual assistants are often used to answer general questions. We tested both assistants and were pleased with their performance.
  • We asked the assistants a few questions about general knowledge. We discovered that Amazon’s Alexa was able to provide detailed answers, including information, for the questions. This feature is not available in Google Assistant. It displays only basic information.
  • The Google assistant responds faster than Alexa, however. It might take longer for Alexa to show the answer than Google Assistant since she provides in-depth answers.
  1. Directions

Alexa Vs Google Assistant – Directions
  • The virtual assistant can be asked to show us the route using the default Map. Since its inception, Google Assistant has offered this service. When we asked Google for the fastest route to get there, it provided the result faster than Alexa.
  • Google Assistant uses Google’s other services, including Google Street, Google Street, Google Local Business, etc. to find you the fastest route and provide information about any items that might be in your path, including contact numbers and addresses.
  • Google Assistant provides additional information on public transportation, including the timing and other details. Alexa does not provide such information. This is where Google Assistant wins!
  1. Supported Languages

Alexa Vs Google Assistant – Supported Language
  • Google Assistant can speak more languages than Alexa. Google Assistant can be used in English, French, and Danish as well as German, Japanese, Japanese, German (Italian), Polish, Hindi, and many more languages. It supports nearly all languages in which it is available.
  • The language feature of Google Assistant has some limitations. Some languages are only compatible with the Smart Speakers, not the displays. As per government policies, some languages might be restricted to certain territories.
  • Google Voice Assistant can also recognize two languages simultaneously. You can change the phrase to your preferred language using the built-in interpreter mode.
  • Alexa, on the other hand, supports fewer languages than Google Assistant. The service does offer some of the same functions and features like Google Assistant, such as dual-language mode, etc.
  1. Online Shopping

Alexa Vs Google Assistant – Online Shopping
  • You may be surprised to know those voice assistants can perform a wide range of tasks. Both Alexa and Google assistant support many online shopping apps, which makes shopping easy.
  • Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to book a room in a hotel, reserve a ticket for a flight, and find out about recipes. Both assistants will display the most relevant recommendations to your screen so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Google Assistant provides more targeted results than the Alexa assistant because it uses other free-of-charge services to locate and locate the shopping cart details and restaurant details.
  1. Basic Tasks

Alexa Vs Google Assistant – Basic Tasks
  • Both assistants can perform basic tasks like making phone calls, sending texts messages, and making video calls. Simply use your voice to reach out to your contacts.
  • With Alexa or Google Assistant, you can make voice and video calls and send text messages to your contacts. You just need to use the wake word for open to let the assistant hear you.
  • As Alexa and Google Assistant get smarter, they can now be used with nearly all third-party video calling and voice calling apps.
  • Alexa now supports Skype voice calls and other activities. Google Assistant does not offer the same support. Voice calls cannot be made on Skype using Google assistant. This is the only thing that makes Alexa a little more powerful.
  1. Smart Home Appliances

Alexa Vs Google Assistant Smart Home Appliances
  • These voice assistants can be used to integrate smart home devices with voice commands. Smart Speakers can be used by Amazon and Google to connect with other smart home devices.
  • Both Alexa and Google Assistant can be used to install smart devices in our homes. As they allow for quick integration with Alexa or Google Assistant, third-party products are also supported by the assistants.
  • The Alexa assistant works with smart home devices better than Google assistant, but there are some limitations to Google assistant. Alexa allows you to perform multiple tasks using the built-in app. Google Assistant, however, requires that you set up a schedule or use voice commands.


We can see that there are very few differences between Alexa (and Google Assistant) Both Alexa as well as Google Assistant have a loyal following who use them regularly.

The above comparison shows that Alexa wins in terms of compatibility and performance. Alexa provides better integration and communication features than Google Assistant.

Both Assistants can perform basic tasks such as language support, knowledge base, and other tasks. Alexa is great if you like music. Google assistant is good for online shopping and curated list creation.

Before you can decide which Voice Assistant is best for you, you need to first establish your priorities. Each assistant adds new functions and features regularly. In the future, we can expect more intelligent features from the assistants!

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