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How to install Amazon Prime Instant Video on Android

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This page will guide you through the process of putting in. Amazon Prime Instant Video App for Android.

Amazon’s video library is not only limited, but it also allows you to view videos from the Amazon site on your Android smartphone or tablet.

There are two main ways to view Amazon Video on an Android device.

  • Method 1:Get theAmazon Prime Instant Video App For AndroidStart watching video on for people who already have a Video library
  • Method 2:Transfer the Amazon Video app. You can also use the Amazon Search app to browse or watch videos directly from the Amazon search app. This is a great option for those who are looking for new videos, as they can be rented or bought directly through the search app.

The difference between the two strategies is that the second allows you to quickly browse video titles in the Amazon search app. While the primary option requires you to visit every time you want to view a video.

Notice: We recommend that you follow the second method, as the experts once you have access to Amazon Video is far greater.

You will need the Amazon App Store installed on your device before you can install the Amazon Video app. For more information, please refer to the guide below.

install the Amazon Prime Instant Video App for AndroidFollow the steps below.


Step 1: Get Started

Open Amazon App Store. In the search bar, type in Amazon video.

Open Amazon App Store. In the search bar, type in Amazon video.

Step 2: Install Amazon Video App


To transfer and install Amazon Video to your Android device, tap on Install.

After the installation is complete, tap on Next to continue.

After the installation has begun, you will see the app as a cutoff on your home screen or in the app drawer menu.

Notice: You can choose to immediately start the Amazon Instant Video App with methodology one, or go on with the Amazon expertise with methodology two (Amazon Video + Searching App).

Follow the steps in Step 3(a), if you prefer to start immediately with Amazon Instant Video.

Step 3(a): methodology one (Using Amazon Video App Only)

To launch the Amazon Video app for the first time, tap the still Amazon Instant Video button in the menu that appears.

Congratulations! Congratulations!

As an example, associates may be presented with the screen below when they access the Amazon video app (without installing the Amazon searching app).

Notice: If you have chosen to use the methodology (Amazon searching + video app), then you don’t need to proceed with Steps four and five.

Step 3(b): Method 2 (Using Amazon Shopping + Video App)

We recommend that you also download the Amazon search app if you are looking for the full Amazon experience. Follow these steps to get the Amazon search app expertise.

To launch the Amazon Video app for the first time, tap the Get the Amazon App for Golem button in the menu that appears.

The instructions for downloading the app to your smartphone or tablet will be provided.

After reading the basic guide, you can tap the button to transfer the Amazon app.

Step 4: Install Amazon Shopping App

To transfer the Amazon Search app, you will be directed to Amazon App Store.

To transfer the Amazon search app to your Golem device, tap on Install

After the installation is complete, tap on Next to continue.

Step 5: Using Amazon Shopping & Video Apps

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Amazon apps can be used in 2 ways.

1. You can browse the search app and select any video from Amazon’s collection to view. You can seamlessly switch to Amazon Instant Video to begin watching.

2. Alternatively, you can browse videos together from the moment video app and select any video from Amazon to view. If you want to rent or buy them, you can seamlessly switch to Amazon’s search app.

What Else will Amazon Apps Do?

You can also switch between completely different Amazon regions by using the app.

If you’re currently on the USA Amazon page, you can simply open the aspect menu by clicking the icon at the top of the app. Scroll down to Modification Country and select the country you want to change.

This will allow you to see Amazon’s video and search offerings in other countries, but you might still need to associate an Amazon account therein to purchase or transfer them.

Follow the below guide if you want to change the region of your Amazon account.

Notice: Amazon Prime USA members may need to buy Amazon Prime Britain if they wish to view any Prime content in Britain.

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