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AsyncArt Partners with NETGEAR To Add Dynamic, Programmable Non-Foundations to The Meural Library


Asynchronous Arts have created a new Art Gallery for NETGEAR’s Meural Smart Canvas Platform. The company has announced that they have added a curated lineup of Async Art NFTs to this new platform of NETGEAR. These two giants will help to strengthen the NFT market, which is already booming at the moment.

Async Art is the most well-known company in crypto art. It uses cutting-edge technology to create programmable art for clients. It uses Ethereum Blockchain to create artworks.

Technology to create programmable arts

You must be involved in the crypto market to have heard about the latest trend in NFTs in Cryptomarket. Async Art offers new functionality that allows users to program changes to existing NFTs. Clients no longer have to choose the final image. Instead, they can now use smart art. Clients will find this art very helpful as it can be modified to meet their needs or those of the public.

The company created these artworks for Cryptomarket with Meural’s help. This is the first time such a masterpiece has been created by an agency. Through these artworks, the company sought to bridge the gap between NFT and physical markets.

Conlan Rios, Async Art’s CEO, stated in a statement that “Our two teams could not be more excited about launching a dynamic, interactive artwork environment for Meural. This is a great example of combining cutting-edge technology and an art community to create a new way to enjoy digital art.

Since 2018, Meural has been creating smart home products for NETGEAR. NETGEAR is one of the most reputed electronics giants in the world with a huge range of smart products. Recently, the company introduced a new line of smart home appliances. The company is now entering the Cryptomarket by partnering with Async Arts.

Async Arts

The company’s vision is simple: to connect all people through smart technology. They are already creating high-quality smart home appliances and will now collaborate with the agency to create amazing crypto products.

Premium smart canvas provides a realistic experience for art viewing and comes with many control options. Smartphones, voice assistants, mobile applications, and computers can control the frame using gestures. The Smart Canvas Frame supports gesture control, which makes it easy to use.

The Smart Canvas is designed to empower users through interaction with their art. This frame will allow users to access over 30,000 licensed artworks. This feature is being used by Async Art for its NFTs. Smart Canvas’ digital arts will adapt to the user’s time and needs. The artwork can be customized by users.

Premium smart canvas

Users will also be able to upload their own programmable artworks, which can be used to interact with the platform. Existing users will experience a completely new experience.

Poppy Simpson (Senior Manager of Content and Curation, NETGEAR) stated that “Meural was designed for this moment.” The Meural platform has been providing solutions for digital artists, collectors, and art lovers since its inception. The latest innovation is NFTs in a world where Meural’s content and display platform is the undisputed leader. This exciting partnership with Async will help to drive forward a new era for art appreciation.

How do you get started?

NETGEAR’s WiFi Photo Frame and Meural Canvas can be used to gain full access to all artworks by Async Arts. These smart frames users will have free access to the entire library.

The artworks can be programmed to change automatically, so they will always keep changing. These artworks are updated every hour to allow them to evaluate the time.

Async Artworks Subscription Fees

An annual subscription is required to access the extensive library of Async Arts, which includes over 30,000 works. The annual subscription fee is $69.95.

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