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Top 25 Prettiest & Famous Female Actors of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi cinema, popularly known as Dhallywood, is a large set of different films based on the Bengali language located in the country’s capital, Dhaka.

The cinema is a huge success rate and recognition among the nation’s people and takes a lot of inspiration from Indian cinema or the name Bollywood, which is popularly known. The mainstream films produced are more directed towards the genres of drama, which can still be associated with many films today. The saga of major cinematic and commercial films started in the early 1980s, and then came some of the most beautiful actresses of all time. Not only will you know their personalities, but also their contribution to the cinema and the industry.

And when it comes to the definition of beauty, the Bangladeshi actresses definitely fall on the list and we have brought you the list of top prettiest Bangladeshi actresses of all times to commemorate such beauty and talented actresses.

Here the Most Beautiful & Gorgeous Bangladeshi Film Actress:

Alisha Pradhan

Alisha Pradhan Female Actor of Bangladesh

Being a movie actress, a model, this versatile woman in real life is also a TV presenter and an entrepreneur. She is the daughter of Mr. Monir Pradhan, a very successful cosmopolitan businessman, and Hosna Pradhan, another successful female businesswoman.

She is a wonderful Bangladeshi woman who, when she was just a teenager, started her career as an actress with TV commercials and dramas. She was a model during her teenage years when she was not an actress and became really popular really fast with her character Aditi madam from the ‘1st Date’ TV series. Her debut film was Eito Bhalobasha, with a celebrity guest appearance, but in 2015 her first main film was ‘Antaranga.’

The film won various awards, including Best Female Debutante and more. Her other characteristics are also remarkable because she is a trained classical dancer and also a Salsa dancer. She can play piano, guitar and harmony as well, being a huge admirer of hip-hop and free-style dances.

Airin Sultana

Airin Sultana Female Actor of Bangladesh

Within just one year of her entrance into the media career, Airin Sultana undoubtedly made it big in Dhallywood.

Her reputation grew when she won the best smile award in the 2008 competitions of the Pantene You Got The Look and began her early career as a ramp model representing both in the country and abroad. Her debut film, directed by Debashish Biswas, was Bhalobasha Zindabad, in the year 2013.

Not only that, Priyotoma-Ami Dari Tumi Koma, Cheleti Abol Tabol, Meyeti Pagol, A Kemon Premer Golpo, Achena Tumi, and Shei Tumi are other renowned films, after which she also has many future projects to come. In several TV advertisements and dramas which were well appreciated in the region, she has also appeared.

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim Female Actor of Bangladesh

Again, Bidya Sinha Saha Mim is a beautiful woman who is best known as an actress and a model for her contribution to Bangladeshi cinema.

She gained much of her fame from the ‘Lux Channel I’ competition in 2007, which she won and has been working as an important part of the media industry ever since. Not just this, she has also starred in Tollywood, India’s South India cinema, and has captured many Indians’ hearts as well.

Amar Ache Jol, Podmo Patar Jol, Amar Praner Priya, Yeti Obhijaan, Sultan: The Saviour and many more are among her projects in Dhallywood. She also took part in the creation of many TV series, and Bou Shashuri Not Out, Cholona Brishtite Viji, Chondona, Jodha Akbar, Seat Khali Hai and more are some of her works.

Afies Nusrat Barsha

Afies Nusrat Barsha Female Actor of Bangladesh

Formed on 28 February 1991, Afies Nusrat Barsha is popularly known by her fans as Barsha. She began her career as a model and has been an established actress in Dhallywood since then.

The feature film, Khoj: The Hunt, directed by Iftakar Chowdhury in 2010, was her first debut film. While she has not been very involved in the film industry, in recent years she has done some phenomenal work, including projects such as Hridoy Bhanga Dheu, Pace and Most Welcome. All of her films are well known to the people of the world, with Speed being the most famous film to date.

She is also the brand ambassador for Grameen Phone, the country’s largest mobile phone telecommunications firm. She has also featured in several TV advertisements and is also the MD of Bangladesh’s Monsoon Films production company.

Apu Biswas

Apu Biswas Female Actor of Bangladesh

Born on October 11, 1989, to Upendronath Bishwas and Shefali Bishwas in the Bogra district of Bangladesh, Apu Biswas is a famous actress and model from Dhallywood.

She married Shakib Khan, but then separated herself from the latter. She started her career in Dhallywood in 2006 with the film ‘Kal Shokale.’ In recent years, she has also taken over many film projects and TV commercials that have come her way.

Movies such as Koti Takar Kabin, Devdas, My Name is Khan, Bajaw Biyer Bajna and Samraat include some of her renowned works. In 2013, her film My Name is Khan became one of the nation’s top grossers, giving the actress tremendous success.

Mahiya Mahi

Mahiya Mahi Female Actor of Bangladesh

This beautiful actress, popularly known as Mahiya Mahi, was born on October 27th and is an established Bangladeshi actress who is currently a top paid figure in Dhallywood.

In her recent career, she has made a lot of films and TV series and dramas and was appreciated for her work in the same. Mahiya has also been regarded by the Bangladeshi media as one of the most beautiful and attractive actresses of all time. Her career began in the year 2012 with the debut film Bhalobashar Rong, which gave her immense fame and success.

According to the media, this film is also said to be the first digital cinema in Bangladesh. Some of her film projects include Agnee, Romeo vs Juliet, Warning, Bhalobasar Rong, Tui Sudhu Amar, Dhaka Attack, and many more.

Pori Moni

Pori Moni Female Actor of Bangladesh

The pen name or professional name of the famous Bangladeshi actress, originally known as Shamsunnahar Smriti, is Pori Moni. She was born in Shatkhira in Khulna, Bangladesh, on October 24th, 1992.

She had a rough childhood, and her parents died in her early childhood, and her grandfather raised her. In the country itself, she began her career as a model. Her debut film is Rana Plaza, directed by Nazrul Islam Khan, but it had a postponed release due to reasons, because in 2015 her first film was actually named Bhalobasha Shimaheen.

She also learned dance from Bafa, situated in the country’s capital, Dhaka. Four Bangla TV dramas, for which she was highly appreciated and showed some of the finest acting of the actor, also include her renowned works. She has also appeared in several other movies, including Mohua Sundori, Rokto and Purey Jai Mon.


Tisha Female Actor of Bangladesh

One of the most popular faces in the country’s TV media is Nusrat Imrose Tisha. She began her career with Shat Prohorer Kabbo, a television drama directed by Ahsan Habib.

The actress took second place in the Bangladesh TV show Notun Kuri and even won a gold cup two years down the road. She also began her modeling contract with Meril Lipiel and won the firm modeling award for Meril Prothom Alo, two years straight.

She started learning classical music at just a tiny age of five and also formed a band called Angel Four. Tisha has been a national award winner twice, and he has made tons of films. Doob: No Bed of Roses, Television, Sincerely Yours Dhaka and Third Person Singular Number are her most acclaimed films.

Rana Pagla: The Mental, released in 2016, had to be her first commercial movie. Over the course of her career, she has also been part of various television commercials for large companies such as Coca-Cola, City Cell, Parachute, Bombay Sweets and Keya Cosmetics, and many more.


Purnima Female Actor of Bangladesh

Dilara Hanif Purnima, popularly known in the country as Purnima, was born on July 11, 1981, and is a popular Bangladeshi actress known all over the country for her beauty.

With her mother and father in Dhaka, she has two other siblings named Brishty and Dilruba. From the movie E Jibon Tomar Amar, released in 1997, she made an entrance into Dhallywood. Her work in the 2010 film Ora Amake Bhalo Hote Dilo Na, for which she won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Actress, was greatly appreciated.

Moner Majhe Tumi, Megher Por Megh, Hridoyer Kotha, Chaya Chobi, Shasti, Badfha, Taka, Shuva and many more are among her other renowned projects. She has also worked in some fine television dramas, including Laboratory, Nilimar Prante, Omanisha, Ekhono Bhalobashi and more, not just this.

Jaya Ahsan

Jaya Ahsan Female Actor of Bangladesh

Jaya Ahsan, born on July 1, 1972, is a beautiful Dhallywood-based Bangladeshi actress, model and producer. The family includes AS Maswood’s father, Rehana Maswood’s mother and Dhaka’s two other siblings. Her many talents include crafting, painting, and singing (classical music), where she has even earned a diploma.

She began her career at an early age with modelling and entered the cinema with TV dramas. For her brilliant work in films, including Guerrilla (debut film), Chorabali, Zero Degree and Debi, the actress has won four national awards. All this time, she has been active in many Bangladeshi movie projects and even Indian Bangladeshi movies, and has won several awards in her field as well.

Panchami was her debut TV drama and she had the opportunity to work for the Coco-Cola commercial as well. Labonyo Probha, Shonkhobash and Bachelor are some of her additional film and tele-drama projects.

Anika Kabir Shokh

Anika Kabir Shokh Female Actor of Bangladesh

In the Bangladeshi cinema, Dhallywood, Anika Kabir Shokh is definitely a versatile woman, being an actress, a dancer and a model. At an early age, in 2002, she began modeling.

By acting as the Banglalink brand ambassador and working on its national television commercial, she gained a lot of fame and popularity. In 2008, her debut was in a TV drama series, FnF: Friends & Family, directed by Redoyan Roni. She made her film debut in the film Bolo Na Tumi Amar, in which she collaborated with her co-star Shakib Khan, and after which she was also part of many Bengali films. Her first Bengali movie was Bolona Tumi Amar, in which she acted.

Fifty Fifty, Diba Ratri Khola Thake, Rong, and College are other noticeable TV drama projects. She has also appeared in numerous TV commercials, including BD Gura Moshola, Uro Lemon, Toshin Fan, and has worked in several other television films as well.

Nusrat Faria Mazhar

Nusrat Faria Mazhar Female Actor of Bangladesh

Nusrat Faria is also a very beautiful Bangla actress, and for her work, she is quite famous in the country. She was born in 1985 and never thought during her childhood of becoming a model or an actress in the first place and wanted to be recruited as an army officer instead.

But her journey took her to another fame and level, where she became as versatile as she could in her career, including an actress, model, TV presenter, and also a radio jockey. Her career started as a TV presenter, participating in a BTV debate show as a debater, which was a hit in the country. The woman is not short of talent, as in two consecutive years, 2010 and 2011, she has also won the National Debate Championship.

Furthermore, through modeling in different television commercials, she entered the industry and has been part of several commercials and radio programs throughout her journey. Her contribution to Bangladeshi cinema includes films such as Ashiqui, Badsha: The Don, Hero 420, Bibaho Obhijaan, Premi O Premi, Inspector Notty K, and many more.

Sabila Nur

Sabila Nur Female Actor of Bangladesh

Sabila Nur was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and is one of the country’s prettiest women. As a childhood admirer of dance, the actress later studied the craft from the Bulbul Lalitakala Academy. In the Bangladeshi cinema industry, Sabila is currently a popular model and an actress.

She began her career modeling with Grameenphone, the largest telecommunications company in the country. Her breakthrough in the world of cinema came in 2014 with the television film U-Turn, and she was highly praised for her part in it. After being seen as the Fictional girl in a romcom television film ‘Monkey Bizness’ released in the year 2015, the actress acquired more fame and success.

She has been seen in several Bengali TV dramas and many TV advertisements. In various reality shows including Gazi TV’s competition on teen bands, GTV Fanta Band, Lux Style fine on Bangla vision and some others, the actress has been an active TV presenter or a host. Her career also sets the course for an amazing European University-based documentary which was also well appreciated. Projects in mainstream TV series include Chemistry, Teen Teen, Chup, Cross Link and many more.

Naila Nayem

Naila Nayem Female Actor of Bangladesh

Naila Nayem was born in the city of Barisal in Bangladesh on December 14th, 1981. She did not have this notion of entering the entertainment industry at all, which is why she devoted her teenage years to obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery in Dhaka City.

In the Dhallywood company, she is a stunning young actress and is also a model in the region. As a runway model, she began her career and is one of the country’s top models. She has joined the Dhallywood market with a lot of scope on her hands.

Run Out and Maruf Taka Dhorena are among some of her movies. In as many as three music videos and TV shows, the actress was featured. A Bangla drama called Ghat Babu Nitai is one of the most well-known TV programs she has starred in.

Mehazabien Chowdhury

Mehazabien Chowdhury Female Actor of Bangladesh

Born on April 19, 1989, in Chittagong, Mehazabien Chowdhury was also conceived, just as Sabila Nur was. After winning the Lux Superstar beauty pageant in 2009, after which there was no stopping, she began her career in show business.

Throughout her career, the actress, model and fashion designer has been part of various films and TV shows and has many upcoming projects as well. In whatever project she is in, she has gained a great deal of popularity for her amazing acting abilities and performance. On Instagram, she also has the greatest number of followers.

Tumi Thako Shindhu Parey had her debut in the TV world and other noticeable TV projects include Call Center, Moner Moto Mon, Metro Politon Bivrom, Vondo Jamai, Ami Kar, Jamai Dhora, Odhora and more. Boro Chele, released in the year 2017, was one of her critically acclaimed TV dramas. She has been part of different brand commercials, including D’damas, Lux soap, Pepsi, 7 Up, Ponds, Maggi and Aarong, not just this.

Kusum Sikder

Kusum Sikder Female Actor of Bangladesh

Kushum Sikder was born in the city of Dhaka on April 12th, 1983 and is a stunning woman with many talents. In the country, she is a famous Bangladeshi actress, a singer and a model.

After winning Lux Anondodhara Miss Photogenic in the year 2002, her career graph spiked immediately. The actress began her career as a musician, during which she entered into the genre of TV dramas throughout her career.

She has starred in several television drama projects, such as Ghater Kotha, Tin Purush, Meghbalika, Noukadubi, Jogajog, Boi Pagol, Bondi, Astha, and more.

In the year 2010, with her first film called Gohine Shobdo, she started off as a mainstream actress in Dhallywood, for which she also received a National Award and another National Film Award for her performance in Shankhachil.
The actress is known to be one of Bangladesh’s major drama actresses.

Nipun Akter

Nipun Akter Female Actor of Bangladesh

Nasrin Akter Nipun, or most frequently known to her fans as Nipun Akter, was born in the country’s Cumilla City on June 9, 1984, and is a very popular actress from Bangladesh.

She is also regarded as one of the country’s most beautiful and prettiest actors with many talents. In whatever projects she delves into, she is highly praised for her acting abilities.

She also has an engineering degree from the University of Moscow, having been a two-time recipient of the Bangladesh National Film Awards and several other awards.

For her outstanding performance in the movies’ Shajghor ‘and’ Chader Moto Bou ‘, the National Awards were awarded. She began her career with her first movie, ‘Rotnogarva Ma’, which wasn’t actually released in the country, so the credit for her first movie goes to ‘Pitar Ason.’

The actress was also part of various television drama series, including Confusion, Biye Ta Amar Khub Dorkar, Dwidha Dando O Bhalobasha, Shubhagomon, Shanibarer Chor, Leis Fita, The New Hatem Ali, and many more.

Sohana Saba

Sohana Saba Female Actor of Bangladesh

Sohana Saba is a famous film and television actress from Bangladesh who was born in Dhaka, the capital city. She always loved dancing and, while completing her education, also devoted 14 years of her life to learning the art form from Bulbul Lalitakala Academy and Chhayanaut.

The actress began her career as a dancer and then went on to performing in TV advertisements in the entertainment business. Before moving on to television games, she appeared in many TV commercials.

The title of her debut film was ‘Aaina’, directed by Kabori Sarwar and released in 2006. In numerous other film ventures, such as Khelaghor, Chandragrohon, Shororipu, Priyotomeshu and Brihonnola, the actress was also seen.

Sadia Jahan Prova

Sadia Jahan Prova Female Actor of Bangladesh

The actress, Sadia Jahan Prova, was born in Shaiatpur District on February 13, 1988, and is a famous and beautiful model and actress from Bangladesh. The woman is also a fashion designer in life, unlike an actor and a model.

Compared to the movies, the actress has been more actively involved in television dramas and therefore, by many people, also called as a TV series actress. She began her career as a model in 2005 and has since achieved a lot of recognition and fame. Sadia has achieved more fame by starring in numerous television dramas and movies broadcast in the region.

Dhup Chaaya, Lucky Thirteen, Version Z, Khunsuti, U-Turn, Shasti, Fera, Lucky Thirteen, Loss Project, Neva Deep, T-20, Rasta and many more are among some of her well-known and renowned TV series.

Azmeri Haque Badhon

Azmeri Haque Badhon Female Actor of Bangladesh

Azmeri Haque Badhon was born in Bangladesh on October 18, 1983 and is a popular actress in the country, a famous model and even an approved dentist.

Her debut film was titled Nijhum Aranya in Dhallywood, which was released in 2010 and was also well appreciated. After becoming the first runner up in the Lux Channel I Miss Photogenic contest in the year 2006, she gained fame and popularity. She worked as a model before becoming an actress and can be seen up to date in modelling for various events.

The actress has worked in many TV dramas and is now mostly busy for a few days with those projects. Drama series such as Choita Pagla, Shuvo Bibaho, Chand ful Omaboshsha, Rong, Hijibiji Nothing and more include some of her best works.


Achol Female Actor of Bangladesh

Nafisa Jahan Achol Akhe, popularly known as Achol, was born on September 28th in Khulna, Bangladesh, and is a famous Bangladeshi actress and model. Her family is comprised of her parents, Md.

Hafizur Rahman and Salma Begum also graduated from Stamford University in Dhaka with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She started her modeling career and soon joined Dhallywood with her debut film titled ‘Bhool’ in 2011. The actress did not start very well with her films, but she gave her first hit film of her career, named ‘Jotil Prem,’ later in 2013, which became one of the year’s superhit films.

At an early age, the actress gained success and fame and was determined to continue to provide the industry with tough competition. Baily Road, Jotil Prem, Kistimaat, Mental, Besharam, Indubala and many more are also her film projects. She also worked on the side in many television commercials as well as tele-drama.

Bipasha Hayat

Bipasha Hayat Female Actor of Bangladesh

Bipasha Hayat, an actress, was born on 23 March 1971 in Bangladesh and is one of the most beautiful women in the country. She is an established actress, model and is also a painter, apart from being one of the top people in Dhallywood. The actress has a master’s degree from the University of Dhaka’s Faculty of Fine Arts.

In addition to being an actress, she is also a script writer and wrote her first TV play, Shudhui Tomake Jani, in 1997, and over the years she has been part of various TV dramas herself. Projects like Kobita Sundor na, Sonali Danar Chil, Hasuli, Dola, Beli and more include some of her fine works.

In 1994, the actress also won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Actress for the film ‘Aguner Poroshmoni,’ and won several other awards as well. Not only that, her works of art are also proudly displayed at the 1996 Miniature Painting Exhibition at Gallery Tone in Dhaka, after which she also took part in the 2002 Nine Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition at Zainul Gallery, FFA. With many upcoming projects in her path, the actress is no doubt a powerhouse of talent.

Sadika Parvin Popy

Sadika Parvin Popy Female Actor of Bangladesh

Sadika Parvin Popy was born in the district of Khulna, Bangladesh, on September 10, 1979. Her studies at the National Girls’ School in Gobar Chaka, Khulna District, have been completed. In the film industry, she is popularly known as ‘Popy’ and is an established actress and a model in the country.

The actress began her career in the show business in 1995 with a program called ‘Lux Ananda Bichitra’. Her debut in Dhallywood was in 1997 with the film Coolie, and over the years she has worked in many Bengali movies since then.

For her performances in the films Karagar, Megher Koley Roud and Gangajatra, she has also won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Actress three times. Her first show in TV dramas was titled Nayak, which gained a lot of appreciation around the country.

Shabnom Bubly

Shabnom Bubly Female Actor of Bangladesh

Shabnom Yesmin Bubly was born on November 20, 1988, in the capital city of Dhaka, and is a beautiful Bangladeshi film actress and an established news anchor. Actually, as a news presenter, she started her career and eventually made her way into the show business. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the National University and an additional MBA from the University of Dhaka.

One of her older sisters, Sharmin Sweety, is a news anchor, inspired by the actress and selected as the news presenter or anchor for the Banglavision television channel, ‘Banglavision’ in 2013, which kickstarted her career. Finally, by featuring in her debut film entitled,’ Bossgiri’, she found her way into the Dhallywood industry.

Shooter, Rangbaz, Ahankar Priyotoma, Password, Super Hero, Ohongkar, Rangbaz, and more are other noticeable and upcoming movie projects for the actress.

Rafiath Rashid Mithila

Rafiath Rashid Mithila Female Actor of Bangladesh

As she is not only an established Bangladeshi actress, but also a singer, model and development worker, Rafiath Rashid Mithila is certainly a powerpack of talent in the industry. She graduated from the University of Dhaka with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Political Science, with the addition of BRAC International’s second Master’s degree in Early Childhood Development. Looking at this, it will come as no surprise that the actress is also currently BRAC International’s Head of Early Childhood Development Programme.

In addition, in 2016, she also won the Chancellor’s Gold Medal in the field of academic performance for her master’s course. Besides this, since 2019, the actress has also been pursuing a PhD from the University of Geneva. Other interests include Kathak, Manipuri and Bharat Natyam, as well as being a student at Nandan Art School. When it comes to acting, during her childhood, the actress was also part of the People’s Theatre Group as a theater artist.

She started her career in the show business in 2002 and soon became popular, after which she began appearing for brands such as Jui coconut oil, Robi, Banglalink, Hayes and Haier, Bajaj hair oil, Close up tooth paste, Huawei and many more in various TV commercials. In addition to this, in several TV dramas such as Housefull, Anti Clock, Punch Clip, Anger Story, Mr and Mrs. He and She, Proof Reader and more, she has also contributed to her acting abilities.


These actresses are popularly recognized both in the whole country and outside the country, with their talents and beauty over the years being well captured in the cinema.

The nation has produced many critically acclaimed films featuring these actors, which have received many national awards and have also been acclaimed abroad.

We certainly know that these beauties are well celebrated in the country for their contribution to Bangladeshi cinema or Dhallywood, with many of them claiming many awards several times.

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