Best Ios Microphone


Best Wireless Microphone For iPhone

Third-party microphones can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes for iOS devices. Customers have a variety of choices, including proper stereo condensers and clip-on wired lavaliers.

We will be listing the top microphones on the market. All of them have a proven track record of capturing enhanced audios. These microphones will produce high quality recordings.

Best wireless microphone to iPhone

1. Apogee Mic 96k

This condenser microphone is among the most powerful. This table-top microphone works well for iPhone users, and it is ideal for podcasters. You can attach the mic with a USB-to-lightning cable. Additionally, the mic comes with a small tripod that can be adjusted for stationary recording. This mic is plug-and-play and can record 24-bit/96KHz audio. It also has a 40db accrual. This mic’s metal case has an LED light that shows the status and a dial that allows you to adjust the input.
External power is not possible so it is a good idea to have a spare charger to charge the phone after the recording has finished.


    Professional Quality
    It is simple to use


    A few recordings lack low end
Best Wireless Microphone For iPhone – Apogee 

2. Shure MV88

Shure MV88, a condenser microphone with a mid-side design for iPhone, is a condenser mic. To create a stereo image, this makes use of the matched cardioid and bi-directional cartridges. This mic is compatible with lightening, and it is entirely made of metal. Both of these properties digitize the recording to high-quality audio quality at 24-bit/48KHz. This mic has a 90-degree hinge which allows the user to move the microphone in the best direction. SharePlus Motiv is a great app that’s perfectly designed for the mic. There are five DSP modes integrated that can be used for different purposes, including speech, singing, flat, loud, and even acoustic.
This mic has one major problem: it can only run on your phone’s battery. You cannot attach an external battery.


    Innovative and creative hinge design
    Great Software


    • External battery options are not available
      Not intended for general users

    Shure – Best Wireless Microphone For iPhone

    3. Blue Mikey Digital

    Blue Mikey Digital has been a popular choice among mobile users for many years due to its small design and other positive reasons. The tiny condenser microphone powers the input jack and has enough power to provide instruments. The external charging source can also be used along with gain and level adjustments. There is also a lightning connector. You can turn the swivel mounting for as much as 230 degrees. The microphone records audio at 44.1 kHz/16 bit quality. This mic is rather sluggish. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s users should be aware that the mic blocks the jack for headphones. Users of the iPhone 7 will not have much luck if they use the lightning port.


      An input jack for guitars is available
      A separate port is available for charging


      iPhone6 and iPhone 6S do not have headphone monitoring
      There is no app that can improve the functioning


    Blue Mikey – Best Wireless Microphone For iPhone

    4.iRig Mice Cast

    This mic was specifically designed for field recording and podcasting. It also features a pair clean touches that enhance audio quality for both types of recording. It is also case-friendly so users can protect their iPhones when they are connected. The condenser is rectangular in shape, which makes it unidirectional and rejects noise for a clear recording. The high-low sensitivity setting allows for flexible audio capture in different environments. It also comes with a stand for seated interviews. It also has an integrated jack to allow for stereo headphones. This allows the user to view the recording side-by-side.


      A desktop stand is included.
      Two sensitivity settings are available


    5. Rode IXYL Microphone

    This iPhone wireless microphone is the best. It captures high quality audio at 24-bit/96k resolution. It is constructed in a solid manner and includes two cardioid condensers measuring 1/2 inch. To achieve a wide soundstage, they are placed at 90 degrees to one another. The mic comes with a foam windshield, a zipper case, and Rode Rec recording app. The 30-pin version is also known as IXY.

      Compatible with Lightning/30 pin
      24-bit dual-mic design


      Clunky app
      Only suitable for iPhone 5S/


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