Best Landscape Lens For Canon 80d


How to adjust Canon 80d Landscape Settings

Landscape photography is an intriguing choice for photographers. It’s a resource because we have countless scenes that can be clicked away.

You don’t need any other special equipment to capture stunning landscape photos than a wide-angle lens. For landscape photography, a wide angle lens for Canon 80D DSLR is essential because the focal length of 50mm is all you need to properly capture the scene. Amazon’s wide angle lens is heavily discounted and will do the trick.

Scenes are also easy to master, when compared with other types of photography. Landscape photography is a great option for beginners as it’s comparable to portrait photography.

Simple does not necessarily mean easy

We have compiled a few steps that will help you improve your landscape photography. Keep track of your progress and discover what you can do for your scenes to be even more amazing.

How to adjust settings on Canon 80D Flip Screen Cameras for Landscape Photography

Step 1.

Canon 80d Landscape Settings AWB

There are several white balance options available for your camera, including auto white balance (AWB). The camera makes its best guess about the colors at the point where it sets to AWB. This works out well.

AWB does a poor job of rendering hues when it captures dawn or dusk. Its responsibility is to remove shading and color casts. This means that AWB limits the colors of dawn and dusk. This is not something you need. This can be avoided by setting your camera to the light-white balance preset.

Step 2.

Canon 80d Landscape Settings RAW

For the best view of the scene, have meters read. Shoot in RAW. This will result in a photograph with enough exposure and sufficiently close to the sky. You can then recover any subtleties lost in the process of processing the image.

Step 3.

To test the dynamic range, use a neutral density reverse channel. These channels are light-up because they have very little filtering force.

Step 4.

You can begin by entering the settings below. You will have a starting point from which you can explore every time you shoot.

Canon 80d Landscape Settings Natural Density

Manual exposure mode

Driving mode: One shot

ISO: 100

The shutter speed varies

Aperture: f/11

White balance: Daylight and shade

Step 5.

Canon 80d Landscape Settings exposure and ISO

The depth of field is an important aspect of landscape photography.

If we are to describe the depth of field it is just the area of a photograph that is in focus.

Scenes benefit from a very deep depth of field, which places everything in focus, from the front to the foundation.

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