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Nikon D850 Landscape Settings

Nikon d850 landscape

The NikonD850 DSLR camera is ideal for professional photographers who are often outdoors taking photos of wildlife, scenic beauty, and just idling to capture the enchanting ‘landscapes’ frames. The name Nikon is synonymous with the art of photography. The brand has been trusted by photographers of all levels, professionals, and amateurs, since the beginning. It is the result of years of hard work, honesty, as well as offering the best technology to its loyal customers. NikonD850 DSLR camera is also equipped with state-of-the-art features such as shutter speed, sharp zoom, and precise focusing. These features are very useful when taking landscape photos.

How to take stunning landscape photos using Nikon D850

Step 1. Accurate autofocus system:

Nikon d850 landscape settings – autofocus

Landscape photography requires the use of an autofocus system. Nikon D850 has a Multi-Cam20K autofocus system with 153 focus points and 99 cross-type. The camera has 15 focus points that are sensitive up to f/8 maximum aperture. This allows you to attach a 2x Teleconverter to an F/4 lens and still be able quickly to focus on targets.

Step 2. Use f/8 lenses

Nikon d850 landscape lens

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Higher perceived resolution can make landscape photography stunning. To get the best feel for your shot, use an f/8 lens to achieve amazing results. Teleconverters offer a significant advantage in terms of autofocus sensitivity. While you can focus with either a 1.4x or 1.5x teleconverter, landscape photos require a perfect aperture value of f/8.

Step 3. Setting the Aperture

Nikon d850 landscape settings – aperture

Nikon D850 is a great camera for low-light photography. Sharp focus is possible even in darkness thanks to the 4 EV low light sensitivity. A full-frame sensor 46.0 MP is used in the camera.

Step 4. Zoom lenses are a great option:

Nikon d850 landscape zoom lens

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Nikon D850 DSLR camera can capture every detail in landscape photography. The Nikon D850 includes a standard zoom (24-70mm f/2.8), as well as a telephoto zoom (70-200m f/2.8) and wide-angle zoom (14-6 mm, f/2.8). The Sigma 24-35mm f/2 art zoom is a great choice, with its exceptional brightness and amazing image quality.

Step 5. Focus stacking:

Nikon d850 landscape settings – focus stacking

The D850 has a built-in focus stacking function. The D850 can capture up to 300 images at different focus points. The images can later be combined using third-party post-processing software. This is a great feature for landscape photography. You can set the shutter release intervals between 0 and 30 seconds, have 10 focus levels, and continue shooting at 5 frames per second.

Step 6.Setting WB to adjust the auto function for natural light:

Landscape settings for the Nikon D850 – WB to natural Light

To increase the redness, change the WB setting to Natural Light Auto. When taking photos in the evening, exposure is crucial. This is useful when you want to capture the yellowish-yellow light before sunset on the banks. You need to capture this moment as it happens.

Step 7. Performance at high ISO: Nikon d850 landscape settings – ISO

The D850’s native ISO speed range is ISO 64 to ISO 25600. This range is further expanded by one stop from ISO 32 and two stops from ISO 102400.

The camera can store up to 51 compressed RAW files at 14-bit lossless compression. This allows the camera to continuously shoot for more than 7 seconds at 7 fps using the EN-EL15 / ENEL15a battery and nearly 6 seconds at 9 fps using the EN-EL18a / ENEL18b battery. If used with precision, the Nikon D850 can produce excellent landscape photos.

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