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How to Adjust Flash on Nikon D3500 Camera

To take decent pictures with your Nikon camera, you must enable the settings for the built-in flash. It can be confusing for newbies. Don’t worry, as this guide will show you how to use the flash on your Nikon D3500.

Step 1: Enable Flash

The flash auto mode is enabled in some modes. Your Nikon camera might decide there is not enough lighting depending on the scene. The camera is just that, a machine. As a photographer, you need to be able to judge the lighting conditions. An automatic flash is not available for the P, S, and A modes. You will need to activate it manually by pressing and holding the flash button. To turn it off, simply press the flash button. The flash will automatically be activated in all scene effects mode or auto mode. Your Nikon D3500 camera detects the available lighting and activates the flash by pressing the shutter button.

Step 2: Understanding The Flash Guidance

The flash guidance feature on your Nikon D3500 camera will tell you if you need flash to take the perfect shot. It is easy to understand. You might see a flash icon or blinking question mark when you press the zoom-out key. To get good shots, you’ll need a flash enabled.

Step 3: Selecting a Flash Mode

Flash mode is crucial as it controls when and how the flash turns on in your Nikon camera. Your camera will determine whether or not the flash is being activated in auto mode. This feature is not available in the S, S, A, and M modes. To stop the flash from firing, you must choose flash off in scene or effects mode. You can also select the fill flash or force flash mode. This mode allows the flash to be activated regardless of how much lighting is available.

Fourth Step: Reducing Complications with Special Modes

A special mode can be set up to reduce red-eye when flash is used. This mode allows less light into the pupil of your subject, reducing the red-eye effect. The slow sync mode can also be used. If you prefer soft lighting when flash is used, this mode should be turned on. You can also use rear curtain sync to get trail lighting. This setting can only be used in manual or shutter priority mode.

Step 5: Changing the Flash Mode

To switch between flash modes, press the flash button. The command dial will then be rotated immediately. To browse all flash modes, you must rotate the command dial. It’s not necessary to know all-flash mode symbols. To let you know the flash mode is being displayed, a text label will be included in your Nikon D3500. To browse through flash modes, you can also use the “I” button. To activate the control strip, you must press the “I”, button. To activate the control strip, highlight the flash mode option. Next, choose from the available options. Click on the OK button to select the mode that you wish.

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