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Best Oculus Rift Games For Kids – Overview

Before we jump to the best Oculus Rift games for kids, let us take a look at the factors that make Oculus Rift one of the most sought-after VR headsets.

The VR headset is comfortable with its thick padding and adjustable straps.

The VR headset is also more spacious and easier to set up. The best Oculus games for children are also more polished than their competitors in the same category. Let’s now take a look at our hand-picked list of the best oculus games for children.

Our top picks for the best oculus-rift games for children

1. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Best Oculus Rift Games For Kids – Star trek

This game is perfect for kids who love Star Trek. This VR game is specially designed to give you a new experience in virtual reality gaming.

Children can take on full-body avatars, with all the hand-tracking and lip-syncing abilities. He or she can thus rightly feel the pride and emotion of being on the starship’s bridge.

All actions can be coordinated by the kids while the crew takes all strategic decisions. The Co-Op mode allows users to form a team of four members to fulfill the roles of Engineer, Captain, Helm, and Tactical.

Your child will learn important aspects of life through this game such as the importance of communication, trust, and team play.

2. VR Sports Challenge

Best oculus rift games for kids – VR sports challenge

This is why it’s ranked as one of the top oculus-rift games for children. You will keep your child entertained and engaged throughout the gaming session. It is amazing for children who are passionate about sports such as basketball, NFL, or athletics.

It’s like being in a live sports game at the stadium. Thousands of fans will be cheering your name and chanting it during the gaming session. It may contain some cuss words but the overall interface is suitable for all sports-loving children.

You can play as a player and throw, catch or pitch, swing, swing, pass, jump, save, and even throw. The only problem with this game is that it uses a lot of offensive languages and cuss words that might seem inappropriate for children of certain ages.

3. The tale of the Mage

best oculus rift games for kids – The Mage’s tale

This game is perfect for Harry Potter fans. This game lets you not only create and cast spells but also allows you to live in a magical world, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The kids can play as a player and collect all the mystic material that they can use for crafting random spells in their Mage’s shop. To find all the mystic rooms and hidden traps in every zone, they can also explore the dungeons and sewers.

The controller can be used by the players to cast spells, solve puzzles and summon wards. Your child will enjoy Mage’s magical and mystical world for more than 10 hours.

4. Unspoken

best oculus rift games for kids – The Unspoken

The Unspoken is a game that has all the elements and aspects required to create a magical world. It can be placed on the top five list. The Unspoken will take you to a world of spells and other unimaginable superpowers, just as the Mage’s tale.

Your telekinetic abilities allow you to easily test your spell-casting skills against friends or strangers. You can also lift heavy police cruisers using your telekinetic abilities. Other skills include the ability to summon a blazing skull or unleash random pyrotechnic fury upon their opponent.

There are nearly 25 spells that can be unlocked and mastery, each of which will give you some heavenly superpowers. This one is perfect for your child if he or she enjoys visualizing ancient stories about kings, wards, and magicians.

Top-of-the-line Oculus Rift Games for Kids

The majority of the top oculus-rift games for children mentioned in this list are suitable for children between 5 and 12 years old. Before you decide to buy any of these games, make sure that you read the descriptions and characters. If you would like us to review a particular game in our next article, please let us know.

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