Best Portrait Lens For Canon 5d Mark IV


Canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography settings

Let’s start by saying that you will need the right equipment. Get a Canon 5D Mark IV lens if you don’t have one. You can find it on Amazon.

The Canon 5D MARK IV has many rich features. It includes a 30.4-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor as well as a powerful DIGIC+6 image processor. The Canon 5D MARK IV features a total of 61AF points (41 cross-type). These AF points are connected to the camera’s metering system, which allows you to not only detect and track color objects but also to perform face recognition. The viewfinder is bright and large with 100% coverage. Shooting at 7 frames per second is possible. The ISO 100-32000 range is the native ISO. This can be extended up to 102400. It can also be reduced down to 50.

Portrait photo was taken with Canon 5D Mark IV proper settings

STEP 1. Always use a wide aperture

Wide apertures are important for portrait photography. A wide-angle aperture allows for a shallow depth-of-field and blurs the background, making each photograph exceptional and flawless. You can also use special portrait lenses to get a wider aperture (f/1.4-f2.8), which will blur the background.

STEP 2. Experiment with various angles

Portrait photography with the eyes as the subject is engaging. It improves eye contact between the subject of the photograph and the viewer. Sometimes, you might choose to focus from below, so that the subject is higher and more prominent. You can keep trying new angles until you find a better perspective.

STEP 3. Use a reflector

New 5 In 1 Portable Multi-Camera Lighting Reflector

A reflector can be used to instantly brighten your portraits. You can use them indoors or outdoors (near windows) to reflect the light onto your subject and to fill in the shadows.

Many reflectors have removable or double-sided covers. You can choose the right reflector for you from a variety of options in silver, gold, and white.

STEP 4. Use higher ISO

canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography – ISO

People will change their facial expressions and blink when you take photos of them. Nothing is worse than seeing someone blinking or grunting in a photograph. You need to have a fast shutter speed to avoid these problems and prevent motion blur from appearing on your images. You will get sharper shots if you avoid camera shakes.

STEP 5. Shoot in RAW and B&W

Raw format is recommended when taking portraits. It creates a digital negative that preserves details and then produces high-resolution images that can easily be edited.

Black and white can be used to enhance the texture of your photos and give them more drama. Photographers who want to create a unique impression from each portrait they take for any given photoshoot should consider this.

Portrait photography with Canon 5D Mark IV – RAW or B&W
canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography – B&W

 STEP 6. Use gels with your Speedlite

Canon 5D MARK IV portrait photography – gel

CTO (orange), or CTB (blue), gels can alter the mood of your photos. If you adjust your camera’s white balance correctly, it can help to warm up photos taken in a blueish or overcast environment. CTO (orange), can also be used to simulate sunlight.

These are just a few key steps that you should follow to achieve the best Canon 5D Mark IV portrait photos with each shot. You can experiment with different settings and backgrounds to find the best fit.

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