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Best Satellite Tv Deals India

Top 10 Best & Cheap DTH Service Providers in India (2021)

At its inception, broadcasting has become an important part of culture, educating the general audience about current affairs around the world. Television has long been the go-to channel for athletics, entertainment, and movies. DTH, or Direct to Home, is a tv channel that can be thought of as the information centre.

It is in charge of supplying us with our favourite networks. You just need a dish antenna and a set-top box to watch a range of channels based on your tastes. In India, this demand has expanded substantially over the years. If you’re looking for the best DTH providers in India, look no further than the following list.

Recharge Your DTH

Here is the list of 10 Best DTH (Direct to Home) Service Providers In India:

Dish TV

dish tv online portal: Best DTH Service

 Dish TV Customer Care Number: 1800-270-0300

Dish TV was one of India’s first direct-to-home (DTH) providers. Zee Entertainment Ventures is a division of the group. It came at a time when cable providers dominated the content provider business.

Rather than seeking to obtain a greater share of the market, it opted to start slowly. The organisation concentrated its resources on places where obtaining cable was a nightmare or where delivering such a service was difficult.

This plan succeeded, and their subscription base rose. They quickly began to have a growing number of outlets. There are actually over 300 channels available to select from. You can tailor the viewing experience by selecting from a range of packs and combos.

A parental lock may be used to shield the children from potentially dangerous content. There are record options on the set-top box. Along with its branches, the company currently has 17.7 million customers.

Tata Sky

tata sky online web portal: Best DTH Service

Tata Sky Customer Care Number: 1860 120 6633

Tata Sky is yet another well-known DTH provider. Tata Industries and 21st Century Fox formed a joint venture that is now owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Despite arriving a few years after Dish TV, it was quick to attract subscribers with more flexible packages and combos, as well as an appealing channel lineup.

Tata Sky’s ad campaign has been one of the most successful, being both catchy and effective in conveying the message. It, like Dish TV, offers a diverse selection of channels in a variety of languages.

Local channels are also available. Tata Sky currently offers around 600 hundred channels, with 99 of them being HD channels.

It was one of the first DTH providers to offer 4K set-top boxes, as well as the first to offer Video on Demand services, which allowed subscribers to watch movies and shows whenever they wanted.

Airtel Digital TV

airtel digital tv online web portal: Best DTH Service

Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Number: 18001036065

Airtel Digital TV, a DTH service provided by Bharti Airtel, is next on the list. Bharti Airtel had already become one of the biggest cellular service providers in India and in 2008 they decided to enter into the DTH market.

Airtel Digital TV offers a decent service that includes all of the latest features as well as a large number of HD and SD channels. Airtel Digital TV, like other set-top boxes of its kind, has recording capabilities.

The company has been well received in the market, and their subscriber base has grown significantly, surpassing 10 million.

They provide a list of around 500 channels to choose from, with content and language varying greatly. This is combined with cost-effective, customizable packs.

Videocon D2H

videocon d2h online web portal: Best DTH Service

Videocon D2H Customer Care Number: 91156 91156

Another popular DTH service provider is Videocon D2H. It was founded in 2009 and has gradually gained a decent market share thanks to its low-cost packs and combos.

D2H is now a subsidiary of Dish TV, and it shares the largest market share with its parent company. In 2016, Videocon D2H and Dish TV merged to form Dish TV. D2H alone accounts for 19 percent of all DTH subscribers.

It is only available in the Indian market. The company is known for its wide range of content, which has grown since the merger, as well as its crisp sound quality.

Because of the variety of packs and combos available, choosing this service provider is a good choice.

DD Direct Plus DD Direct Plus: Best DTH Service

DD Direct Plus Customer Care Number: 1800110510

DD Direct Plus, also known as DD Free Dish, is a satellite television provider that offers free programming. The service began in 2004 and is completely free, unlike other DTH providers.

Doordarshan is the company that owns the service. In India, it has reached a whopping 30 million households, which is a huge number. Even though the number of channels is limited and the majority are only ‘DD’ channels, you must keep in mind that it is completely free.

You can still watch sports, music, serials, and movies, so this does not limit your options. Zing, B4U movies, BU Music, 9XM, and other private channels are available.

Furthermore, if you enjoy classical music and Indian art and culture, the national channels are brimming with it.

Sun Direct

sun direct online web portal: Best DTH Service

Sun Direct Customer Care Number: 1800 123 7575

Another DTH service provider in India is Sun Direct. It’s a popular choice for local channels. They launched their service in 2007 and have enough subscribers to stay afloat.

They also provide good quality standard definition and high definition channels. The company is owned by the popular Sun Network, which has a number of regional channels of its own.

Initially, they were successful by offering free set-top boxes and a low-cost monthly basic plan. They were able to gain customers as a result of this, and they now have over 6 million subscribers.

Jio DTH Jio DTH service provider: Best DTH Service

Jio DTH Customer Care Number: 1860-893-3333

Reliance JIO has launched another DTH service provider for Dish TV channels on their network.

JIO DTH Services with JIO Fiber Broadband are currently being developed by the Reliance group. To date, only underground lines and cables have been installed in neighbouring villages and towns.

JIO DTH Welcome Offer with the box is available in major cities. JIO DTH will be available in villages soon, according to the company.

In India, JIO DTH prices will range from 180INR to 200INR. Among all DTH service prices, JIO DTH aims to provide the lowest costs in the world. Other competitors, such as Dish TV, TATA, Airtel, and others, offer more affordable basic plans.

Jio DTH Basic Home Pack, Jio Silver DTH Plans, Jio DTH Gold Pack, Jio Platinum Pack for DTH, and Jio DTH My Plans are some of the plans available through JIO DTH (whereby the user can customise the channels accordingly).

Reliance Digital TV

Reliance Digital TV: Best DTH Service

Reliance Digital TV Customer Care Number: 1800-200-9001

Reliance Digital TV is a type of service provider that caters to both individual and family interests and schedules. Reliance is ecstatic to announce the launch of its next milestone, the Reliance Digital TV Digital Service. Amazing entertainment, breaking news, and your favourite shows are all available.

Reliance Digital TV Digital Service, powered by MPEG 4 Technology for the first time in India, can also transform your home.

More channel options, a pure digital viewing experience, exclusive movie channels, interactive services, an easy programming guide, 24-hour customer service, and parental controls are just a few of the great features offered by this DTH service provider.

Zing Digital

Zing Digital

Zing Digital Customer Care Number: 1860-120-5757

Zing Digital is another form of Direct To Home (DTH) television operator. It is counted in the subsidiary of Dish TV, which was launched in January 2015 to provide access to the regional language channels at a nominal cost.Zing Digital, currently operates in the states of Kerela, West Bengal, and Odisha.

In November, Dish TV in India faced severe competition from other DTH providers like Tata Sky and Airtel Digital, which launched very nominal packs like Rs99 channel pack which also included free to air channels.

Due to this change in their marketing strategies, Dish TV also launched Rs 99 channel pack in the last week of December.This created paradigm shifts for Dish TV, in terms of the best DTH services and that too in providing cheapest DTH connections in India.

This is also counted as the only listed company in the DTH services.

Independent Dish TV Independent Dish TV

Independent Dish TV Customer Care Number: 1800-200-9001

Independent Dish TV, formerly known as Reliance Big TV, was operated by an Indian DTH TV operator. This was also counted as one of Reliance Communications’ subsidiaries.

This was initially launched as Reliance Major TV and within three months of launch, 1 million viewers were acquired. This was attributed solely to the restricted competition in the industry from other service providers.

Later on, this basic channel was called Reliance Digital TV. Independent Dish TV released a pre-booking DTH deal in March 2018 as well. They took pre-orders and obtained fees from consumers, but the service links were not installed.

The Pantej Technologies & Veecon Media group rebranded the company as Independent TV after introducing the DTH channel.

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