Best Virtual Reality Headset For Kids


Best VR Headsets For Kids

VR headsets for children make a great birthday gift or special occasion gift. Virtual Reality is the future. Virtual Reality headsets are becoming a very popular gift option for children.

Virtual Reality headsets must be purchased with a variety of features in mind. First, you must determine your intended use before you can find the right device.

Comparison Table of VR Headsets For Kids

Below is a table that contains all of our recommendations regarding compatibility.

VR Headset Best for Type of display Maximum Resolution Weight Dimensions Connectivity Check the Price
GROOVES Young Head-Mounted Display Gaming OLED 1920 X 1080 2.2 pounds 9.5 X 9.5 X 3.2 inches HDMI Check Price
Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset Gaming OLED 1600 x 1440 4.57 pounds 14.7 x 9.1×5 inches Bluetooth Check Price
Sony PlayStation VR Gaming OLED 1920 x 1080 1.2 pounds 7.36 x 7.28x 10.91 inches HDMI and USB Check Price
Pimax Vision 8KX VR Headset Personal Computer OLED 2560 x 1440 1.04 Pounds 11.02 x 4.33x 5.51 inches USB, Wired Check Price
HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System Personal Computer OLED 2880 x 1500 3.82 Pounds 2 x 4×8 inches HDMI Check Price
TSANGLIGHT 3D Virtual Reality Headset Smartphone NA 2560 x 1440 1.55 pounds 5.51 x 4.53x 7.13 inches Bluetooth Check Price
Pansonite VR Headset With Remote Control Smartphone NA High Resolution 1.41 pounds 9.09 x 8.39x 4.29 inches Bluetooth Check Price
VR headsets for kids – Uses of VR headsets in Today’s World

Today’s World: Uses of VR headsets

VR is a versatile tool in today’s world. It is part of the work that is related to

  • Military
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Mental Health
  • Sports
  • Medical Training

Although VR has many applications, VR can also be used for entertainment purposes.

It is a great way to set them up for success by keeping them current with the latest technology.

You can select the model that best suits your needs, depending on the requirements of the headset.

Top 7 VR headsets that kids will love

VR headsets for kids – For gaming


Streaming is one of the most immersive experiences children can have. They can chat with their friends while they work on a task.

It is a great way to keep in touch with people, especially as socializing becomes more difficult.

These VR Headsets are for children who love gaming.

1. Oculus Queest All-in-1 VR Gaming Headset

Oculus Quest All in One VR headset is specifically designed for gaming. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to use the headset anywhere you go without needing wires or a computer.

OLED displays with touchpad control and a 7-inch screen allow for precise movement. It can be used in both large and small spaces. It is also easy to set up, making it more accessible.

You won’t accidentally step on a coffee table because of the VR headset’s guardian system. The guardian system helps you avoid any nearby objects as you play the VR experience.

2. GOOVIS Young Head-Mounted Display

The Goovis Young Head-mounted display provides ample protection for children’s eyes. It is a good investment due to its high compatibility.

The OLED screen and high refresh rates are two other parts of the device that provide a better overall experience.

This device can be used with:

  • Laptop
  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Drone
  • PS4
  • Nintendo
  • Set-Top Box
  • Smartphone
  • Blu-ray Player

This is the ultimate device, with a 53-degree field of view and 1920×1080 resolution.

3. Sony PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR Package includes a VR headset, processor, connector cable, HDMI cable, and USB cable, as well as the AC power cord, Stereo headphones, and the demo disk.

This device configuration places the gaming experience first. The plug-and-play system features a 5.7″OLED 1080p display. You can also play at 120 frames per second.

You can locate the sound source above, below, and all around you with 3D audio technology.

The VR headset’s sleek design is designed to provide comfort, balance, as well as adjustability.

Your child can explore the virtual world of gaming without having to worry about heavy VR headsets. To play with Play Station VR, you’ll need VR games for children.

VR Headsets For Kids – For PC

For PC

Some VR headsets can be used with Windows. This is the best route for parents who have a dedicated computer at home for their children.

Although many VR headsets can be used with different devices, it is a good idea to verify compatibility before purchasing.

You should also check the configuration if the product is being purchased while the personal computer is the main use space.

Good graphics are required for VR headsets to reach their full potential.

These VR headsets are compatible with personal computers.

1. Pimax Vision 8K X VR Headset

The Pimax VR headset is a top choice for game streaming via the internet. It’s a USB-powered model with a modular microphone strap.

High-quality 3D streaming is possible thanks to the dual engine mode and high refresh rate.

The dual-engine model is easily accessible and allows a native resolution of 4K at 3840x2160p or an upscale resolution of 2560x1440p.

It also features a 200-degree FOV. This extraordinary field of vision easily surpasses human visual abilities.

Products in this box

The following items will be included in your package.

  • Pimax 8K X (Standard Version)
  • 4.5m USB/DP cable
  • Manual for the User
  • Comfort Kit

It can be used with a higher-end personal computer. Make sure to check the specifications before you make the purchase.

This is the ultimate dream for PC gamers.

2. HTC Virtual Reality System

Another VR headset for PC gamers is the HTC VIVE Pro VR System. It works with Stream VR and Windows.

Users will not be able to miss details with the resolutions of 2880 x 1660. It can be used in multi-user environments and has a 22’11” x 22’11″ room scale.

It allows for adjustment of the head size and weight distribution. It’s easy to put on and takedown.

To determine if the device is compatible with Windows, you’ll need to verify that your computer is set up correctly.

VR Headsets For Kids – For Smartphones

For smartphones

Smartphones are today’s easiest way to entertain yourself. VR models are compatible with many mobile phones and provide an immersive experience.

Below is our selection of Virtual Reality Headsets that are compatible with smartphones.

1. TSANGLIGHT 3D Virtual Reality Headset

The 3D VR headset includes a VR glasses box. The headset offers a private IMAX theater experience and 360-degree foldable HIFI headphones.

It offers a rich 3D experience that allows users to watch videos left to right.

It is comfortable and easy to use, making it ideal for adults as well as children.

For extra comfort, you will get foldable headphones. It’s easy to set up. It has a 110-degree field of view and can be used by users with 200-degree hyperopia or 400-degree myopia.

It can also be used with regular-sized eyeglasses.

You can use the 3D virtual reality environment to travel, relax and entertain.

2. Pansonite VR Headset With Remote Control

Pansonite VR headset package includes a new remote control and virtual reality 3D glasses.

It works with 3D movies and provides an eye care system for iPhones and Android phones.

Bluetooth is the primary source of connectivity so you don’t have to worry about wires.

To ease the strain on the eyes, the devices offer adjustable focus distance and pupil adjustment.

It can be used with smartphones, so users can use it wherever they are.


Before you purchase the perfect VR headset for your family, make sure that it is compatible and in the right configuration. Before you make any purchase, be sure to carefully consider the details.

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