Can You Set Up Wifi Without A Computer


How to Setup Wifi Router Without Computer.

You don’t own a laptop or a computer and need to set up your wifi router. It is possible to set up Wi-Fi routers without a computer.

Most routers can be set up with a simple process, but it is possible to get more complicated if you don’t have a computer. Your smart device can set up your router. To reset your wifi router, you will also need a smart device (a smartphone/tablet) and a needle/pin.

To help with setup, you can also download any of the Wifi Discovery apps to your smartphone.

Here are some suggestions on how to set up Wi-Fi routers without a computer

For Android devices

How To Set Up Wifi Router Without Computer – Android devices

Before you start with the setup of the wifi router, make sure that your smartphone or tablet has fully charged. Low batteries can cause the device to power off during the process, and it may not be possible for you to complete the task.

After you have verified that the smart device has a battery backup, turn on the router and wait for it to power up. After that, open the wifi settings on your smart device and turn on the wifi to connect to the router’s network.

The name of your wifi router (also known as SSID), along with the options for connecting will be displayed. You can check the back panel for the password or ask your ISP (Internet service provider) for this information.

Connect to the wifi network by entering the password. After you have connected, open the browser on your smart device and enter the IP address. The default IP address for most of the wifi router devices is “” or “”.

The IP address can be found on the back panel of your wifi router. You can also launch the Wifi Discovery app on your smartphone if none of these options work for you. These apps will display a list of Wifi networks in your area, along with their SSIDs.

Once you have found the IP address, log in using the default username of ‘admin’. The default password is password> (or the password specified at the back panel). This is it! Your wifi router has been set up.

For IOS devices

How To Set Up Wifi Router Without Computer – iOS devices

It is very similar to setting up a wifi router using an android device. The only difference is that IOS devices have different settings than android devices. You already know the difference between an Android device and an IOS device.

Click on the wifi option in the wifi settings. After that, your smart device will display a list of available Wifi connections along with their SSID. Follow the same steps as for an android device if you see the WIFI router listed in the same list.

You can use the Wifi Discovery app to help you find the Wifi ISP or SSID. You may not be able to find all apps in the App Store. However, you can easily find them on the Play store. Pick the best wifi discovery app that will help you in the network discovery process.

Once the password, ISP, and network SSID are found, connect to the network using the same process as for an Android device.

Important points to keep in mind when setting up a wifi router without a computer

If none of these options work, reset your wifi router to reconnect to it. You will find the reset button on the back panel of your wifi router. For approximately 30 seconds, use a needle/pen or another pointed object to press the reset button.

After a time, the router light will stop blinking and then turn back on. After the router is reset, all settings saved will be lost. You’ll need to enter the details again.

For further assistance, contact the customer service department of the manufacturer if you still have not set up your wifi router.

The bottom line on how to set up wifi routers without a computer

It is very simple and straightforward. To save time, make sure you keep track of all required credentials and information. Also, let us know if we should post more “How to blogs” about your favorite Tech gadgets.

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