Canon 5d Mark iii Portrait Photography


How to adjust portrait settings on Canon 5D Mark III – Getting started

EOS 5d Mark III is one of the top-performing DSLR cameras by Canon. For stunning portrait photos, the Canon EF 24-105F4L IS USM lens may be attached to the EF lens mounting.

5D Mark III is a broad range of enhanced features in image and video capturing, making it a popular choice for both amateur and professional photographers.

Portrait photography settings on Canon 5D Mark III

How to take portrait photos using Canon 5D Mark III

Step 1. Connecting a suitable portrait lens

It is important to pick your lens based upon the type of photography you are interested.

For blurred backgrounds, choose a lens that suits your needs.

A telephoto lens that is mid- to long can also be used. Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 L II lens is made for portrait photography. It is available on Amazon.

canon 5d mark III lens for portrait photography

Step 2.

Canon 5D Mark III portrait settings

You can easily change from the mode dial to Aperture Priority, or Av. This allows you to set the aperture value and the shutter speed without having to adjust the camera.

If you are looking for a prime lens, it is best to set the aperture at f/2 or larger. This will produce a beautiful shallow field depth.

Step 3.

Canon 5D Mark III portrait settings

To select portrait photography aspects, press the button for AF point selection at the top left of the rear thumb rest.

Now press M-Fn at the top of your shutter button. This will allow you to navigate through the various AF grouping modes.

Click on the “Expand AF Area: Surround” button. This will give you a larger active AF area. You can focus sharply on the subject.

Spot AF is the best tool to capture close-up headshots.

Step 4.

Canon 5D Mark III portrait settings

To begin, hold down the Menu button on Canon 5D Mark III. Next, go to the second menu. It will be under Custom Functions, or on the orange menus.

After choosing the Custom Controls options, click on the joystick to set the AF Point Direct Selection.

To back out, simply tap the Menu button. You can then control the active AF point using the joystick.

Step 5.

Canon 5D Mark III portrait settings

By looking through the viewfinder, you can simultaneously compose the shot.

Use the joystick to move the active AF point. It will position the subject’s face or a particular feature, such as the eye, in a close-up headshot.

Half-press the shutter button to lock the focus.

It’s now time to take the shot. Now, press the shutter button completely.

The Playback button allows you to review the image.

These steps will make your photos look professional and even better than professionally taken photos using the Canon 5D Mark III flip-screen camera.

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