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Canon 6D Mark II wedding photography settings

Many people are curious about which camera is best for wedding photography. Canon 6D Mark II is the perfect camera for any kind of wedding photography, whether you need a still shot or a movie. The camera comes with three lenses: a 24-105mm f/4 lens, a 100mm f/2.8L lens, and an 85mm f/1.4L lens. These lenses are useful for wedding photographers who want to shoot candid, abstract, or contemporary shots. This DSLR camera is an entry-level model with a full frame sensor. The best thing about this DSLR camera is the long-lasting battery. The 26MP sensor gives it excellent image quality for still shots. It has a great dynamic range and is excellent for low-light photography.

Here are some wedding photos that Canon 6D Mark II took for you:

Let’s take a look at some of the steps we can use to shoot amazing photos with Canon 6D Mark II

Step 1.

Canon 6D Mark II wedding photography – autofocus specs

The 6D Mark II has 45 AF points and a dual pixel focus system. They are all cross-type, fast and precise.

The Canon 6D Mark II uses light-sensitive pixels to achieve focus. Focus struggles won’t cause you to miss a shot. It is said to be fast in locking focus, which wedding photographers love.

No matter what lighting conditions, the focusing is fast and steady. This camera will capture every moment you want.

Step 2. High-Speed Shots

Canon 6D Mark II Wedding Photography – High Speed Shot

Canon EOS 6D Mark II, an advanced camera for wedding photos. The camera can take continuous shots at a speed of 6.5 frames per second, with a maximum resolution of 26.2 megapixels. It can capture weddings and portraits at a speed that is fast enough for a wedding photographer, while still being able to cover events like sangeets or cocktails with lots of dancing.

The Canon 6d Mark ii is capable of shooting 2 frames per second faster than the primary camera, up to 6.5 frames per second. The high frame rate is especially useful when shooting wedding videos.

Step 3.

Canon 6D Mark II wedding photography – qualit

Canon EOS 6D Mark II has a 26.2-megapixel resolution camera. It has a large dynamic range, which is ideal for photographers.

This is a pre-wedding shoot that involves a lot more highlights and shadows, especially when shooting under the open skies. These images are very detailed. Canon EOS 6D Mark II has a high ISO of 4000 and excellent noise reduction.

Step 4.

Canon 6D Mark II wedding photography – quality

We are concerned about how the skin looks on wedding pictures. Many people use makeup to make their wedding photos look bright and glowing. The Canon EOS 6D Mark II can autofocus on brightly lit or near subjects when it is on AF. This is a great tool for taking bride portraits. Canon EOS 6D Mark II features a new metering system with an extra IR metering. This metering system improves color tracking and evens skin tones. The picture will enhance the skin tone of the subject, regardless of the type of picture. The camera will still focus on the faces if there are other objects in front or behind the subject.

Step 5. Connectivity

Canon 6D Mark II wedding photography – connectivity

Canon cameras offer many cool ways to send and receive photos. App Canon camera is an app that allows you to connect your smartphone with the camera over WiFi. It’s available for both android and IOS. This connection allows you to transfer HD images quickly and easily. When you are shooting photos at crowded weddings, your phone can be used as a remote trigger. You can instantly share images with your guests to make them happy.

EOS 6D Mark II is a popular choice for wedding photographers. A professional-grade camera is all a wedding photographer needs.

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