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Canon 6D MARK II sports photography settings

Canon EOS 6D Mark II, a full-frame DSLR, is a significant improvement on the original Canon 6D. The camera is packed with smart, high-end features and power. Canon has paired this camera with its powerful DIGIC 7 image processor and a 26.2-megapixel sensor CMOS sensor to improve image processing. This gives the camera a significant resolution boost. This sensor also offers a native ISO 100-40,000 sensitivity, which can be extended up to ISO 50-102,400. It matches both Canon EOS 5D Mark III or EOS 6D.

The original 6D had 11 AF points. However, the Canon 6D Mark II has a 45-point cross-type autofocus sensor. Live view is now possible with the new articulating touchscreen. This allows you to take low- and high-angle shots. MARK II allows you to record video segments at 1080p (Full HD), 60 frames per second (up from 30,) and 1080p (full HD). It also offers digital image stabilization. You can quickly share images and videos with NFC, Bluetooth, and WI-FI.

Steps to Professional Sports Photography using Canon 6D MARK I

STEP 1. How to use your camera mode efficiently

Canon 6D MARK II sports photography settings – GPS mode

The common mistake that newcomers make is not knowing how to properly use the camera. The newcomers often shoot in auto mode, leaving little control over their images. Instead of rushing, learn more about the other modes available to you, including aperture priority and manual.

STEP 2. Use the correct shutter speed

Canon 6D MARK II sports photography settings. Shutter speed

You will need to be able to capture the exact moments of the athletes’ movements. Otherwise, your camera may blur. Your camera’s shutter speed should be between 1/500s and 1/2000s. Your shutter speed should be faster depending on how fast your subject is moving. A low shutter speed is sufficient to capture the distinct moves of a swimmer, for example. However. However, for a football match, the shutter speed will not work well.

STEP 3. Priority mode

Canon 6D MARK II sports photography settings – aperture

The camera has several modes. One of these modes is the aperture priority mode. It is displayed by the letter AV. The F/stop number is the most common way to write the aperture. This is the number that determines how much light the sensor of the camera can take in. You will get less exposure if you use smaller apertures. However, the lower f/stops will give you more exposure if you use larger apertures. The shutter speed is automatically determined by the camera when aperture priority mode is selected. On a sunny day, you can set large apertures that give small f/stop numbers (around F/2.8 or F/4). This will allow the most light to enter the camera. For correcting exposure, a faster shutter speed is required. This will allow you to capture a freeze-frame shot.

STEP 4. Set up ISO precisely

Canon 6D MARK II sports photography settings – ISO

Three components are necessary to determine the right exposure. These components are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. The ISO must be set by the user when shooting in semi-manual modes like – aperture mode.

ISO is the measurement of light sensitivity. A low ISO (100 to 200) is ideal for sunny days when there is enough light for the camera. For best results on darker days, increase your ISO (800-12000) to get as much light as possible.

STEP 5. Get the best camera lenses

best canon lens for sport photography

It is a smart idea to invest in lenses for sports photography as they can have a positive impact on your photos.

A telephoto zoom lens, such as a 55-250mm or f/4-5.6, gives you great flexibility when taking photos. To give your images an artistic touch, use a wide-angle lens. This will make your audience feel as if they are in the field.

Canon is known for being one of the most respected camera manufacturers in the world. If you follow the steps correctly, you will be able to capture amazing images and videos in sports.

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