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Here’s a list of the 6 best iPhone external microphones.

Video editing is difficult without a microphone, especially if you’re shooting videos for fans. You will need the best microphone if you plan to publish videos on YouTube.

1. Mini Microphone Portable Vocal/Instrument Microphone

This external microphone is easy to use due to its small size and user-friendly design. This external microphone measures only 60mm in length, which means you can plug it and use it as per your needs. This fully portable microphone can be used to record, sing and broadcast. Simply plug it in and you can start recording anywhere, anytime without an external power source.

The portable mic stand for desktops is included as well. This external microphone for iPhone can record without lags and unwanted noise. The external microphone doesn’t require an external power supply and can be connected easily to your iPhone. If you’re using an iPhone 7 or later, you will need separate lighting for the 3.5mm connector.

2. Rode HTMLXYL Cardioid Microphone for iOS with Lightning Connector

Rode IXYL – Best External Microphones For iPhone

Rode’s external microphone is now on our list. This mic is significantly different from the previous one because it has an XY stereo design that allows it to capture stereo signals regardless of where it is placed.

This device will be a great choice if you need to record vocals, acoustic instruments, or delicate audio. The microphone’s inbuilt digital-to-analog converter ensures a clear, vibrant sound.

It can be used in conjunction with Rode apps to enhance the signal quality during recording. The only problem with this microphone is its inability to deal with noisy and loud environments.

3. JOBY WAV Mobile Compact On-Camera Microphone

JOBY Wavo: The Best iPhone External Microphones

This external microphone for iPhone was specifically made for content creators who want to elevate their vlogging. It is affordable and comes with a shock mount as well as a tripod for easy content creation.

Rycote shock mount technology ensures clear sound and eliminates unwanted sounds from camera shakes.

It attaches to most IOS devices, except for iPhone 7 and later models which require separate lighting to the 3,5 mm jack. It may not be suitable for your specific purpose if you are very brand conscious.

This is the right external microphone for iPhone if you don’t want to spend a lot.


RODE VIDEOMICME-L – Best External Microphones For iPhone

This compact TRRS cardioid microphone will amaze you with its beautiful design and amazing sound output. This microphone’s front-facing orientation means that it will focus more on the sound coming out of the front and less on any unwanted noises from the surrounding.

It can also work on frequencies between 100hz and 20khz and includes a 3.5mm audio jack to allow for precise audio monitoring. You will need to use a bolt of separate lightning to 3,5mm jack to connect to your iPhone 7 or later models.

You can use the mic to vlog in breezy conditions. This microphone is the perfect choice for professional vlogging or content creation.

5. Zoom Stereo Mid-Side Microphone

Zoom iQ7 – The Best External Microphones For iPhone

Zoom is a well-known name in portable field recording units. This best external microphone for iPhone is easy to find. This device also features a stereo microphone set up on the mid-side that uses a three-way switch.

This best external microphone for iPhone also allows the user to choose between 90 degrees (to focus more on the sound coming from the front), 120° (for a larger image), and ‘M’-S (which allow you to record raw audio while adjusting stereo width).

You may need to download Zoom’s ‘Handy Recorder’ app if you are using the M-S option. The device also includes 3 stages LED indicators that will alert you if there is a weak signal or clipping issue.

6. IK Multimedia iRig Mic-Cast with Stereo Minijack

IK Multimedia iRig: Best External Microphones For iPhone

This plug-and-play microphone is small but delivers the best sound quality. This microphone is perfect for podcasting and interview sessions. This device features a unidirectional cardioid-polar design and records using a 3.5mm headset jack.

Two free apps, VocaLive and IRig Recorder will be available to the user. These are very useful in creating and editing sound recordings according to one’s preference. This external microphone is a great deal at a fair price.

The Bottom Line for the 6 Best External Mics for iPhone

After weighing the opinions and ratings of thousands, all the products in this list of “6 best iPhone external microphones” have been carefully selected. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

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