Canon 80d USB Cable


How do I connect Canon 80D with a computer?

Connecting Canon 80D with computer via USB

Step 1.

When connecting to a computer, remember to turn off your Canon 80D Digital Camera. The USB cable should be connected to your camera’s top port and your computer’s USB port. A 480 Mbps USB Cable would be the best choice for large files. You can find it on Amazon.

Connect Canon 80D to your computer using a 480mbps USB cable 

Step 2.

Turn on the camera. It may take some time for the driver installation to be complete on your laptop or computer. It may take some time for the driver to be downloaded.

How to connect Canon 80D to computer – driver installation

Step 3.

After the driver has been downloaded, a pop-up window will appear asking you what you would like to do with your device after the drivers have been installed. You are now ready to delete the photos.

How to connect Canon 80D to computer – confirm

Step 4.

Double-click on the My Computer. The icon will show you the driver is installed.

How to connect Canon 80D to computer – my computer

Step 5.

Double-click on the SD Card option after you have entered the folder.

How to connect Canon 80D to computer – sd card option

The camera storage folder will appear on your screen. The folder can be renamed with any number or name you like. Double-click on the storage folder. The folder is called DCIM on digital cameras. You may find photographs in a sub-folder of the main folder. For example, “80DCAANON”. Download the photos to your computer or laptop, and then share them with friends via social media.

Connecting Canon 80D to a computer via WiFi

Step 1.

Connect your computer with the WiFi.

How to connect Canon 80D to computer via wifi

Step 2.

Open the menu box of your Canon 80D camera, and click on the Wireless option.


How to connect Canon 80D to computer – wireless communication setting

Step 3.

To enable WiFi NFC, press the Enable button

Click WiFi Function to open the pop-up box with a computer icon.

How to connect Canon 80D to computer – enable wifi NFC option

Step 4.

To connect the camera to your car, press the “easy connection” button.

How to connect Canon 80D to computer – easy connection

Step 5.

Choose the folder in which the photos are stored. Drag the WiFi option to your computer and begin downloading. You can continue the process as you would with a USB cable.

An included USB cable is all you need. Simply connect your Canon 80D digital camcorder to your computer or laptop, and you can start downloading. These feature-loaded cameras offer many options for connecting the cable.

It is easy to download photos from a computer or laptop. The Canon IFC400PCU USB cable that came with your Canon 80d digital camera will work on both Mac and PC.

Additional specifications at a glance:

The Canon 80D with flip-screen has many great features and is extremely user-friendly. This camera is a great choice for anyone who has a knack for photography, but is not a professional photographer and wants a simple, affordable camera that offers many features. The Canon 80D features a 24.2MP APS–C-sized CMOS sensor. Despite being an APS-C sensor the Canon 80D has a higher resolution than the other EOS full-frame DSLRs on the market. Continuous video Autofocus is available on the camera.

Image sensor

Type – 22.3mm x 14.9 mm CMOS

Effective pixels – About. 24.20 megapixels

Total pixels – About. 2.80 megapixel

Aspect ratio – 3.2

Focus – TTLCT-SIR using a CMOS sensor

Exposure control – 7560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor

Metering the area divided into 63 segments (9×7)

(1) Evaluative Metering (linked to all points of AF)

(2) Partial metering (approx. 6.0% of the viewfinder

(3) Spot Metering (approx. (3) Spot metering (approx.

(4) Average metering with center-weighted weighting

Shutter – Electronically-controlled focal-plane shutter

Shutter speed – 30-1/8000 sec (1/2 stop increments or 1/3 stop increments). Bulb (Range varies depending on shooting mode).

White balance – Automatic white balance using the imaging sensor

LCD Monitor – Touch screen – Angle 7.7cm (3.0″) 3/2 Clear View II TFT. 1040K dots

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