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Canon 90D Portrait Photography Settings

Photographing a portrait can be very different from shooting a landscape. If you are looking to do both, the Canon Eos 90D is an excellent choice. The settings for photographing a landscape are very different from those used for portraits. To get the perfect portrait shot, there are some things you need to remember. This guide will show you how to adjust the Canon Eos90D portrait settings so that you get the perfect shot.

Canon Eos 90D Portrait: Best Settings

Step 1. Using A Wider Aperture

canon 90D portrait – recommended aperture

It is always recommended to use a larger aperture when shooting Canon Eos90D portraits. This is particularly important if you’re shooting portraits outdoors. This helps your subject stand out from the background. The lens contains the aperture. This determines the flow of light within the lens. The smaller the aperture number, the less light will enter the lens. To change the aperture, press the Av button. To change the aperture, press the Av button down. The current aperture will appear on the camera screen. You can then change it as needed.

Step 2. Control the shutter speed

canon 90D portrait – recommended shutter speed

To control the brightness and to capture moving objects, shutter speed is crucial. If your subject is moving, use a faster shutter speed such as 1/1000. Rotating the main dial will allow you to select a faster aperture. The touchscreen feature allows you to change the aperture and create a stunning Canon Eos 90D portrait shot. You should adjust the shutter speed to suit the lighting conditions and the movement of your subject.

Step 3. Change the ISO setting

canon 90D portrait – recommended ISO

If you wish to take portraits with Canon Eos 90D, ISO settings are crucial. This helps you determine the light sensitivity of your camera. It’s easy to check the ISO settings of your Canon Eos 90D. To avoid excessive noise in portraits, it is recommended that you set your ISO settings between ISO 100-ISO 400. To change or check your ISO settings, there is an additional ISO button. Simply locate the ISO button, and then press it. You can change the settings using the touchscreen feature on Canon Eos 90D.

Step 4. Shoot in Manual mode

canon 90D portrait – manual mode

If you wish to make changes to your Canon Eos 90D portrait settings, it is best to shoot in Manual mode. The Mode dial can be used to change the mode. To select the correct mode, press and hold the button to lock it. You have maximum control over the Canon EOS90D portrait settings. Bulb Mode is a variant of the manual mode.

Step 5. Change the White Balance

canon 90D portrait settings – white balance

It is easiest to keep the Auto-White Balance setting, but it is best to adjust the White Balance to suit the situation. To change it, you must first keep it in Auto-White Balance mode. Next, fill the frame with a grey- or white side. Finally, click on your flash to take a photo. Next, go to the Menu setting to select a Custom White Balance setting. To enable the Custom option, you will need to select the photo that you just took and adjust the White Balance.

Once you have a good idea of what to do, it’s easy to set up Canon Eos 90D portrait settings for the perfect shot. This top Canon lenses for portrait photography list is for you if you’re a fan of lenses.

Pro tip – To get a great portrait shot, you need to take pictures from different angles. This adds a lot to the picture’s finesse. It is important to consider how you want to use your subject and to fill the frame appropriately. It doesn’t matter if you are taking a close-up or not, it all comes down to what you want.

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