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How do I connect Canon EOS M50 with iPhone?

Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera features an electronic viewfinder and a fully articulated touchscreen. This Canon flip cam features a 4MP APS–C CMOS sensor, EF–M lens mount that supports EF/EFS lenses, and an optional adapter.

Dual pixel autofocus provides enhanced quality for both stills and video at 1080p.

An OTG adapter is a good option if you want to connect your Canon M50 with your iPhone using a cable. You can find it on Amazon. An OTG adapter allows you to skip the app protocol and immediately transfer your photos and videos. Make sure that you have IOS 9.2 installed.

This OTG is compatible with iPad keyboards, flash drives, and flash drives.

These steps will show you how to connect your Canon EOS M50 to your iPhone using Wi-Fi.

Step 1.

Open the App Store on your iPhone to install the Canon Camera Connect app. Set up Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections and grant the app permission when asked. You can still grant permission to the app if you don’t permit it initially. To do this, navigate to privacy > settings on your IOS.

Step 2.

Now open your Canon EOS M50 and go through the function settings menu. Next, look for the wireless communication option. Turn the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on.

Wireless communication settings – How to connect Canon EOS M50 and iPhone

Step 3.

Set the Bluetooth function setting to a Smartphone. Once you have tapped the OK button, it will prompt you to register your Wi-Fi name. This will become the device’s nickname. You can choose any name that you like.

How to connect Canon EOS M50 to iPhone – Bluetooth function

Step 4.

To begin the Bluetooth pairing process, take a step back. Tap the pairing option. Pairing devices should be done nearby.

How to connect Canon EOS M50 to iPhone – pairing

Step 5.

Your phone will now detect Bluetooth signals and pair with your device. This is done by sending a pairing request through your camera. Accept the request and confirm that the device has been connected.
This will indicate that your device has been successfully paired.

Step 6.

To set up Wi-Fi, return to the previous menu. Your Wi-Fi will now be enabled. Once your Wi-Fi is enabled, you can use your mobile app to view remote live shots.

How to connect Canon EOS M50 to iPhone – wifi connect

Step 7.

Once you establish the connection between your smartphone and the camera, the confirmation message will appear on your mobile screen. Remote live view allows you to check if the connection is working. This function allows the user to see the same footage from his iPhone.

Wi-Fi allows you to upload photos and videos, save them, or export them to other platforms. It’s simple and convenient to use.

You can also activate the auto-transfer feature. This feature automatically downloads your photos as soon as they are captured. The battery is depleted by Wi-Fi so make sure to turn it off when you’re done.

Canon’s main motivations for M50 are video quality and connectivity.

This camera is helping to achieve that goal. This camera can connect to Wi-Fi networks via the camera. This can give you many exciting features, and allow you to transfer data.

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