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How do I connect Canon Rebel T7i to a computer?

To transfer photos and videos from your Canon t7i to and to use various other functions, such as remote live shooting and remote capture, connect to. Before you start, make sure to install the EOS Utility program on your computer. The EOS Utility app establishes communication between your computer, your Canon rebel 7i, and your computer. High-speed interface cables are required as high-resolution files can take too much time to transfer (Hey! You can find it on Amazon

connect Canon rebel T7i to the computer using a dual charger and connector bundle

Connecting your Canon T7i with your computer

Step 1.

Your camera should not be connected yet to your computer. Canon recommends that you plug your camera first using an AC adapter kit ( ) as a power source ( Sold separately at Amazon> ).

Step 2.

Connect your interface cable

connect canon rebel t7i to computer

Step 3.

Double-click the EOS Utility icon on your desktop. Three options will appear on the screen: Remote shooting, Download images to the computer, and Camera settings.

connect canon rebel eos t7i to computer

Step 4.

Click on “Download images to computer” then tap OK.

Step 5.

Next, click on Settings when the Start automatic downloading message appears.

Step 6.

Next, choose a condition for downloading images. Click OK.

Step 7.

Click on “Start automatic download.”

Images are downloaded immediately and saved to the Pictures folder.

Once the DPP is complete, it will automatically display the images that were downloaded.

After you have finished transferring your photos and videos from Canon T7i to your computer, select Quit in the EU app. Switch off Canon T7i then disconnect your camera.

To download selected pictures, follow the steps below:

  • Select Download images for your computer
  • Next, select Select to download
  • Choose the image you want to download
  • Click Download
  • Specify destination folder.
  • Click OK
  • After you have downloaded the images, they will be displayed in the Quick preview window.

Uncompress files on your computer.

Windows users

To begin the installation, if you’re a Windows user you will need to click on the installer file on your computer.

Windows 7

Control Panel- Devices and Printers- Double click on the camera icon attached to your computer to change the general settings. Click on TAKE NO ADVICE when the device connects.

Windows 8.1

Control Panel- Devices and Printers- Double click on the camera icon attached to your computer to change the general settings. Click on TAKE NO ADVICE when the device connects.

Windows 10

Start- Settings- Devices – AutoPlay – Do not take any action in the pull-down menu.

For MAC Users

A dmg file will be created if you’re a Mac user. These are the steps that will get you started with the installation process.

  1. Double-click on the dmg files
  2. You will now see the installer file and drive icon on your desktop.
  3. Double-click on the installer file
  4. The installer will get started.
  • To complete the installation, follow the steps on the screen.
  • After you have completed this step, the technician might suggest that the computer be restarted. You should now be able to restart your computer or laptop.

Before you begin downloading photos, turn on your camera. Your computer must conform to certain settings.

There are four ways to link Canon rebelt7i to a computer

1 Using a card reader to download images to your computer

After you have completed the installation of EOS software, insert your Canon t7i memory card into a card reader. Then insert the card into your computer and use Digital Photo Professional to download the image.

If you don’t have the software installed you can copy the DCIM folder from your card to the computer.

2 Connect Canon Rebel T7i to a computer using a USB cable

Install the EOS Software.

      • To connect via cable get a USB cable for Canon Rebel t7i (sold separately) Hey! You can find it on Amazon.
      • Connect the cable to Canon t7i digital terminal with the icon for the cable plug.
      • Connect the larger plug directly to the USB terminal of your computer.
      • To transfer images from Canon t7i onto your computer, use the EOS app

3 EOS Utility software performs three main functions:

Allows you to transfer images from your camera to the computer.

      • Set various camera settings.
      • It can be used as a remote control to take photos on your computer

Follow these steps to download the EOS Utility Software:

You can visit the official Canon website at

      • Next, choose your country or region of residence.
      • Get the software.

4 Connect Canon Rebel T7i to Computer by Using Wifi

Canon Rebel t7i NFC compatibility is available to Android users. This is easy and takes no time. You can simply tap the rebel t7i on your Android device to get started.

The Canon Camera Connect app can be used for all devices, including android. This app is device-agnostic and allows all devices to connect to the Canon Rebel t7i via WiFi.

We have now discussed how to transfer images from Canon 7i to the computer. Let’s take a look at some of the other functions.

Remote Shooting With Canon Rebel t7i

You can change the settings of your Canon Rebel t7i from your computer

You can do a lot more with this function by using the “Items Settable With the Camera Settings Window”. Register Picture Style files, lens aberration correction data, and personal white balance settings.

Wrapping it Up

With its top-of-the-line features, the Canon t7i is a great DSLR camera lens. It is not difficult to connect your camera and the computer. We have provided the steps to help you connect your camera to your computer in case you need them. Canon recommends that you use an original interface cable.

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