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How do I connect Canon 6D Mark II with my computer?

Canon is a well-respected brand in the world of cameras.

You can click great images with any of the many offerings from this camera giant, no matter how advanced you are.

Canon 6D mark II has been praised by many professionals as being one of the most powerful DSLR cameras ever.

These are the steps to connect Canon 6d Mark ii to your computer. If you don’t know how to connect Canon 6d Mark ii to your computer, follow the steps below.

Use the USB cable to connect Canon 6d Mark II to your computer

To establish the connection between your computer and the Canon 6D Mark II, you will first need a USB cable.

Use a USB cable that is both fast and consistent to prevent data loss. You can find it on Amazon.

Step 1.

Step 2.

The Camera and Computer can be connected via USB. Insert the cable into the appropriate USB ports and wait for it to recognize it as a storage device.

Step 3.

Once the Computer recognizes the camera as a storage media device, you can open the Camera device from the computer. Once the connection is established, you are able to transfer your files and images without any problems.

Make sure that your camera is connected to a power source. Otherwise, the battery could become exhausted during long image transfer processes.

Connect Canon 6d Mark ii to computer – launch the camera from your computer

Canon 6d Mark ii can be connected to a computer via WiFi

Step 1.

To ensure that all necessary connections run smoothly, turn on the computer.

In case of low battery, make sure to plug the camera into a power source. Install the Eos Utility Software on your computer (the download link can be found on Canon’s website).

The EOS utility software is available for download to help you establish a secure connection between your camera and the computer.

Connect Canon 6d Mark ii to computer – install Canon EOS utility software

Step 2

Click on the main menu button to reveal a large list of features.

Select wireless communication settings from the drop-down menu and then enable the wifi feature.

A wifi function will be available in the list. This will allow you to specify any optional devices that may be connected to your camera via WiFi. Select the laptop option at the third place in the list.

Connect Canon 6d Mark ii to computer – configure wifi settings

Step 3.

Now, you will be prompted to choose if you want to connect your camera to the PC via WIFI.

The connection can be established via pin or by opting for direct WPS entry.

If you wish to choose the pin method, you can select the same option. A pop-up will appear indicating the camera’s name and password.

Connect Canon 6d Mark II to your computer.

Step 4.

Now, you will need to go to your computer and enable the wifi function.

After that, select the device with the camera name and enter the password displayed on the screen. Your computer will now connect to the camera by clicking “Connect”.

Step 5.

Now you can choose to pair both your camera and your phone.

Just click “Ok” and your devices will be successfully paired. You can easily transfer your images and videos to your computer using the EOS software.

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