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Canon EOS 1D Mark III Review

Canon’s EOS 1D Mark III is the latest ultra-fast, durable and top-quality DSLR camera ( price on Amazon). It looks very similar to the EOS 1D camera series, which was created over 20 years ago. Mark III is far more advanced than its predecessor, the EOS 1D series cameras, which were created over 20 years ago.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Review

The EOS 1D Mark III camera is large and bulky because it’s a double-grip DSLR. However, the camera works well in Live View mode as a mirrorless high-end camera. The Mark III also offers sharp 8-bit+ JPEG photos and AF subject recognition powered with machine learning. The EOS1D Mark III can also capture impressive quality videos such as Internal Raw videos.

Specifications for Canon EOS 1D Mark III

Let’s have a closer look at the specifications for the Canon EOS 1D Mark III DSLR camera:

  • Sensor – 20.1 MP full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Viewfinder – Pentaprism, 20mm eyepoint, 0.76x magnification, 100% coverage
  • AF Points – Optical 191 (155 cross-type), phase-detection using an AF-dedicated sensor
  • Image Processor – Digic
  • Image size (maximum) – 5672 x 364
  • Metering Modes – Partial. Spot. Evaluative. Center Spot. AF Point-linked Spot. center-weighted average. multi-spot
  • Video – 4K Raw, 4K UHD and 4K DCI Cropped @ 23.98. 24, 25, 29.97.50, 59.94fps /1080p at (23.98. 24, 25, 29,.97.50, 59.944, 120 fps
  • LCD – Fixed touchscreen 3.2 inches with 2.1 Million Dots
  • Memory Card – 2x CFEexpress 1.0 Type A
  • Burst (max), Optical Viewfinder 16 fps Mechanical Shutter / LiveView 20 fps Mechanical or Electronic Shutter
  • Connectivity – WiFi (2.4GHz), USB-C, (USB 3.0 Gen 2), Bluetooth and HDMI mini, external microphones, N3 remote terminal, gigabit Ethernet (10BASE–T, 100BASE–TX, 1000BASE–T), FlashPC
  • Dimensions – 158cm c 167.6cm x 82.6cm
  • 1,250g (body only).

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III has a lot of advanced features that make it one of the most efficient DSLR cameras on the market.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Features

We now have a better idea of the specs of the camera. Let’s look closer at the different features and performance.

What are the key features of Canon EOS 1D Mark III’s Canon EOS 1D Mark III?

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III’s optical viewfinder is the core of its design, even though it packs many advanced features. The optical viewfinder is capable of shooting at 16 frames per second using a mechanical shutter and a 400,000-pixel sensor metering sensor. It also has a Digic 8 processor. This joins the 191-point Auto Focus, of which 155 are cross-type. Auto Focus tracking makes it possible for faces to be detected.

Key features of Canon EOS 1D Mark III

Mark III’s Live View mode can capture 20 frames per second using either an electronic shutter or a mechanical shutter. It uses the entire 20.1 million pixels from its CMOS sensor. The powerful Digic X processor, along with 3,869 Dual Pixel CMOS AF Points, allows the camera to full-eye detect Auto Focus. This is similar to the Canon EOS R model.

While you might be able to point out that 20.1 MP is significantly lower than the Sony A9 II’s 24.2 MP sensor, it is still less than the EOS 1D Mark II’s 20.2. According to the company, 20.1 MP is more efficient and ensures optimal performance. The 20.1 MP sensor produces sharper images and has a higher resolution than the 24.2 MP sensor.

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III can capture full-width, 12-bit 4K RAW videos at 5472×2886 at 30 frames per second (using 1,800Mbps bitrate). The camera can also capture 1080p videos at 120 frames per second using AF/E or tracking. The camera can simultaneously record MP4 and raw videos and save them on separate CFexpress cards.

How does Canon EOS 1D Mark III control quality look like?

Smart Controller is included with the Canon EOS 1D Mark III. It can be used in conjunction with (or even replacing) the traditional joystick. You can move your Auto Focus points at high speeds with the Smart Controller.

How does Canon EOS 1D Mark III handle?

Mark III is nearly identical to Mark I and Mark II. It is almost identical to the Mark I and Mark II series, which allows users who have used the Mark I series in the 1980s to use the Mark III with the same ease. Smart Controller is a revolutionary AF points selection technology. The Smart Controller is faster than traditional joysticks and allows for precise movement of AF points across the entire frame. According to the company, this technology will revolutionize the DSLR industry within the next few years.

Mark III’s body design is identical, but the magnesium alloy chassis has been redesigned to make it extremely durable and light.

What is the Canon EOS 1D Mark III’s performance?

While many might believe the Mark III’s 20.1MP sensor is smaller and less powerful than other competitors, its impressive image quality is proof enough of its superior performance. Although the images are not as sharp as those from 24MP sensors, they are certainly sharper than other cameras within the same sensor range.

Full-frame cropping is possible to capture 4K video in movie quality. The camera comes with an electronic stabilizer that produces high-quality videos.


The Canon EOS 1D Mark III is extremely lightweight and powerful. The 20.1MP sensor allows for stunning images and cinematic video to be captured with ease. Mark III’s design is very similar to the Mark I series Canon DSLR cameras. The advanced AutoFocus system makes it easy to take professional-quality photos. The Canon EOS 1D Mark III DSLR Camera is a great choice for professionals looking for a second camera or for amateurs just starting to learn the art of photography.

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