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Canon EOS70D Review

The most recent masterpiece by Canon

Canon EOS 70D is the first DSLR to have an on-chip phase-detection autofocus system. This is in addition to the contrast detection feature, which is used to focus the camera. This allows the masterpiece to provide smooth and fast autofocus while recording videos in dim lighting. Canon DSLR 70D with flip-screen is the perfect choice for canon photographers who want to take their images beyond the current look without having to use a full-frame. It is not as good in video quality as the flip-screen cameras, but it’s close to the Nikon D7100 which has been widely regarded as the best DSLR in the mid-price range.


  • Smooth video autofocus
  • Lucid touch-screen LCD
  • Cutting edge pentaprism optical viewfinder
  • Focus quickly
  • 7fps nonstop drive shooting
  • There are tons of physical controls
  • Vertical grip add-on available
  • Flash sync speed of 1/250 seconds
  • Integrated Wi-Fi


  • Live view autofocus falters in dim lighting
  • Only one SD card slot
  • GPS is not included in the package
  • Absence of a PC sync socket
  • 1080p video limited to 30fps
  • Video cannot be recorded with WIFI enabled

Canon EOS70D Review

The Canon EOS70D flip screen is the traditional DSLR that offers the best live view autofocus. However, it struggles a little to keep focus in low light.

Design and controls for Canon 70D

Canon EOS 70D digital camera with flip screen

The Canon EOS 70D measures 4.1 by 5.5 by 3.1 inches and weighs in at around 1.7 pounds. Although the large size might be a problem for some, the additional physical controls and heavier pentaprism viewfinder effectively compensate for it. Pentaprism viewfinder is an upgrade to the pentamirror that was present in Rebel T5i (The best price only at Amazon). It’s a sturdy piece of glass with a reflex mirror that directs light from the lens directly towards your eyes.

Canon claims that the lens will capture almost 98 percent, although it won’t cover the entire frame, it will still deliver a lot of information on the edges. This is where the Pentax K-5 II (best priced at Amazon) and Nikon D7100 (best priced at Amazon) excel. Both deliver 100% of the next frame to your eyes.

Canon EOS 70D is loaded with many controls, just like you would expect from a traditional DSLR. A preview button will allow you to adjust the depth of the field. It is located at the edge of your lens mount. You will also find a mode dial control at the bottom of the eyepiece, just below the top plate. To activate it, press the center button and turn it on. The power switch is located below the dial. The power switch is located below the finder. There are buttons ahead for controlling the autofocus mode (ISO, drive mode, and metering patterns). A small button is located in front of the finder that allows you to adjust and control the shutter and active focus points.

Canon 70D Functions

Canon 70D rear camera and focus points

The camera’s rear is simple and contains all the information buttons. There is also a menu and a toggle switch that will let you change between still and video capture. Additionally, there is an inbuilt button to toggle live view. The information display is flanked by the AF-ON button which activates the focus and a lock button for exposure. There’s also a button that allows you to choose from any of the 19 Canon EOS 70D focus points. Although Canon EOS 70D does not offer as many focus options as the D7100 it is still able to provide you with a variety of focus points.

Canon 70D Shutter Speed and ISO

This image was taken using Canon EOS 70d at 1/320 shutter speed.

Canon EOS 70D digital camera with flip screen shutter speed

A rear control dial and a center set button will be included. In most modes, this button will give you direct access to the exposure compensation adjustment control. The Q button, one of the most popular features on Canon SLRs activates a touch-sensitive menu directly from the rear LCD. You can also control the shutter speed and ISO as well as flash compensation and exposure compensation. Although they may look the same as the on-camera controls you are used to, having them all in one place adds an extra magic touch to your camera.

1040k-dot resolution

Vari-angle rear LCDs are available. The hinged display allows it to swing out towards the side of your camera. It can also be tilted to allow you to see the LCD with your head, above your waist, or in front of your face. It is touch-sensitive and has a 1040k-dot resolution. The hinged display of the Sony Alpha 77 (best-selling at Amazon) is also available. However, there is no touch screen.

The Canon EOS 70D, which is the best-selling full-frame 6D (Best-Priced at Amazon), also includes Wi-Fi. However, it still falls behind the 6D because it lacks GPS. The free EOS Remote app allows you to transfer all photos from your Canon camera to your smartphone or tablet. You can print the image to a Canon Wi-Fi printer or beam it to another Canon camera. The shot can also be viewed on an HDTV via DLNA and uploaded to the web. To upload the shot to the internet, connect the camera to your computer or laptop. Next, configure the type and access of Web service that you want to use via Canon Image Gateway. Canon’s EOS Remote app can also be used with remote controls. The live view feed will be displayed on your smartphone or laptop. This allows you to adjust the exposure compensation and focus point as well as fire the shutter. It is still a little annoying that there is no manual control. Additionally, you cannot record a video while the Wi-Fi connection is active. This is another major drawback of Canon EOS70D.

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