Canon Eos 80d Review


Canon EOS 80D review

Perfect successor to the 70D, with a faster focus!

Canon EOS 80D is a good update to the popular EOS 70D action-capable camera. The upgraded DSLR camera comes with a flip screen and the latest version of Canon’s dual-pixel CMOS sensor. It also features a faster on-sensor focus system, along with other add-ons. This camera is a significant upgrade to the 70D. It also features a better Live View performance.


  • 45 point autofocus system
  • Vari- angle touch screen display
  • 7fps capture and focus tracking control
  • Pentaprism viewfinder
  • Smooth video autofocus
  • 1/8000-sec shutter and 1/250-sec flash sync
  • WiFi with NFC


  • Absence of 4k Video Support
  • Only one SD card slot
  • The automatic white balance isn’t very good

Canon EOS 80D review

Canon EOS 80D has a higher quality camera and better overall performance than its predecessor 70D. We can recommend it as a worthwhile upgrade. The Canon EOS 80D is a strong performer in the midrange SLR league but it also faces a lot of competition from other brands.

Make sure to change the default settings so you get the best shot.

Canon EOS 80D DSLR with flip screen takes excellent photos, there is no doubt about that. However, you need to either shoot raw or modify the default JPEG settings to get the best results. It’s not as good as cameras like the Nikon D7200 or other Canon models. While the Canon EOS80D flip screen delivers excellent results in daylight, the white balance issue will again be a problem. It’s the cast that limits low-light photos from shifting too far into the yellow area.

Canon EOS 80D Fine Detail & ISO

Canon’s Auto Picture Style may increase the saturation and contrast of photos, but the best thing about Canon EOS 80D is its Fine Detail option. This allows for sharper edges processing. Although there isn’t much dynamic range beyond ISO 1600, it will still produce amazing results when processing raw through ISO 6400. The Fine Detail mode produces better images than the 70D, but the automatic white balance is less accurate. The upgraded version has a cleaner noise profile that is compatible with all ISO sensitivities. The videos are comparable to the 70D, along with all image and color settings. However, the Canon EOS 80D supports 1080/60 instead of its predecessor.

The Canon EOS 80D has a Live View mode and faster autofocus. This is one of the best features of the Canon EOS 80D. It’s still faster than the 70D, but it works just as well. The speed is maintained with third-party lenses and not only Canon’s STM models. The Servo AI focus, a Canon continuous autofocus lens, performs well and delivers adequate in-focus shots. Continuous AF works smoothly while shooting video. Although the Canon EOS 80D can focus on 9 points, the camera is not as good as other cameras. However, the camera can’t select the best focus points from the full range of 45 points.

Canon EOS 80D Live View Mode

The Canon EOS 80D’s Live View mode and faster autofocus are two of its best features. It’s still faster than the 70D, but it works just as well. The speed is maintained with third-party lenses and not only Canon’s STM models. The Servo AI focus, Canon’s continuous autofocus, is also a good performer. It can also capture video smoothly. Although the Canon EOS 80D does a good job in the 9-point zone focus, it is not as good at selecting the correct focus points.

Efficiently designed just like the 70D

Canon EOS 80D’s design is almost identical to the 70D, with some minor up-gradation. The viewfinder now has 100 percent coverage and features a headphone socket and a custom setting slot. Its new shutter mechanism is quieter and softer, which will be noticed immediately. The camera is well-designed with a great grip and a touch screen optimized for video shooting. Although the camera has some new features, such as Wi-Fi (with an adequate remote-shooting application) and an in-camera HDR, it still lacks overwhelming effects. The interval shooting timer can take up to 99 shots (if you need more, you have to manually turn it off). It is also capable to shoot time-lapse movies but only at HD resolution. This means that it fixes only the exposure and focus in the first frame.

The best deal on Canon EOS80D

The HDR movie is one of the new features in Canon EOS 80D. It can combine multiple exposures and bring out more shadow details. The HDR movie feature is only available when shooting in automatic mode (Canon Basic zone) and at a higher compression speed. Although it has mic and headphone jacks, the camera does not have features such as slow-motion or clean HDMI Out. Despite some limitations, the camera is still a great successor to the 70D. This Canon flip-screen camera is one of the most popular cameras for vlogging. It is not as fast as the mirror-less interchangeable lens camera, but it does a great job with moving subjects. The Canon EOS 80D’s overall performance will resonate with all action-shooting enthusiasts interested in this DSLR class.


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