Canon Eos M50 Review


Review of the Canon EOS M50

Mirrorless cameras are seeing a huge increase in demand. This is because they are smaller and lighter than their DSLR camera counterparts. This is just one of many pros we can list about Canon EOS M50.

The all-new Canon M50 wifi will give you a clearer, brighter viewfinder and a multipurpose swiveling LCD touch screen LCD. These two features will allow you to compose your photos and videos in the way that you desire.

The Canon EOS M50 has many highlights

  • Even in low light, amazing photo quality
  • Perfect electronic viewfinder
  • Multipurpose touch screen LCD with multi-purpose functionality
  • Multiple shooting modes
  • Hot shoe for external flashes
Canon eos m50 review

Design and controls for Canon EOS M50

The Canon EOS 50 flip screen is an excellent successor to the entry-level mirrorless camera Canon i.e. Canon EOS M100 has more controls, making it the ideal camera for those who love to adjust their camera settings. It is very similar to EOS M5 in size but smaller. Although the grip is quite small, it fits well in the hands. Although most lenses in the M series have small dimensions, you don’t need a large grip to shoot with EF-M glass. The Camera is available in two colors at the moment: Black and White.

The Canon EOS M50 measures 4.6×3.5×2.3 inches. It also weighs 13.7oz (including memory card), which makes it larger than the Canon EOS M100. However, its fully swiveling and hot shoes are the best parts of the Canon EOS M50. The EOS M50’s sharp and clear electric viewfinder is another plus.

It will be hard not to fall in love. You can also remove the option at any time. With its 10 frames per second burst mode, the Canon EOS M50 is a great choice for anyone who loves to shoot action and sports sequences. It will amaze you whether you shoot JPEGs or RAW, or both.

Image quality canon M50 image quality

Canon EOS M50 features a 24.1MP APS C image sensor. This allows you to capture high-quality videos, photos, and images. All shots will be crisp, sharp, and vibrant. The Canon EOS M50 is a beast in low light. The new autofocus system is powered by Digic 8, the latest Canon image processor. The Dual Pixel AF Focus system covers 80 percent of the sensor and has 99 points of focus. It is compatible with most lenses both vertically or horizontally.

Video quality

Canon EOS M50 Review – Canon M50 wifi image 4k video

Canon EOS M50 4K video quality will impress with its quality, stability, and sharpness. With its vari-angle LCD and Dual Pixel AF system, this camera is a great choice for video bloggers. These features can be used even if 1080p is being shot. You can also choose to shoot at 24, 30, or 60fps. There’s also a 120fps slow-motion option. The camera’s capabilities are limited when you turn on the 4k. While 24 frames per second are good for cinematography, it is not ideal for shooting action and sports.


The Canon EOS M50 includes a standard microphone with a 3.5mm diameter and micro USB and micro HDMI data port. It does not have a headphone socket. With its wireless sharing feature, you can instantly share all your shot images and videos via your IOS or Android devices. It is a wonderful deal for all photography enthusiasts who want to instantly share their amazing images and videos with friends and family.

Wireless connectivity is included with the camera. It is a wonderful combination of Bluetooth, NFC, and WI-FI. The camera supports automatic background transfer, which allows you to transfer all your shots to any Android and IOS device using the Canon Camera Connect app. The raw transfer is not supported and the feature is restricted to JPGs. You can still shoot in RAW and convert it to JPG in-camera before sending it to your smartphone. You can also download a desktop companion app that is specifically designed for Mac and Windows. To allow it to work further, you will need to first set up your M50.


The Canon EOS M50 can take 235 photos via the LCD or EVF in normal mode (according to CIPA standard). It also does an excellent job in terms of its battery life. It is very similar to the EOS M camera’s battery. Canon included a wall charger because the battery cannot be charged in-body.

Canon M5 wifi review

Why Canon EOS M50 offers a “deal you shouldn’t miss?” has the Canon EOS M50. This deal is of great value with all the best features and controls. It doesn’t matter if your camera is a beginner or a professional, you will love Canon EOS M50. Grab this deal before it expires!

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