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How do I connect Canon Rebel T6 to a computer?

Canon eos Rebel t6 is not connecting to my computer You must first make sure you have the correct cable. A wrong cable will cause the DSLR to not be able to communicate with the computer. Transferring large files can take too much time, as most photos and videos are larger than usual. Get a USB cable that has a 480 Mbps transfer rate

These steps will help fix any cable problems that exceed 480 Mbps.

Step 1. Turn on your camera

How to connect Canon Rebel t6 to a computer – Image credit to Canon USA

Step 2. Click the Wi-Fi/NFC button in the menu

Step 3.Deactivate Wi-Fi/NFC

connect Canon rebel t6 to computer – disable Wifi – NFC

Step 4. Return to the menu and turn off the camera.

Connect Canon Rebel t6 to your computer. Turn the camera off

Step 5. Connect the data cable to the computer, and then plug it into the DSLR.

How to connect Canon Rebel t6 to a computer – Plug the cable

Step 6. Install Canon connect software

The Canon Connect software can be installed on your computer to allow you to connect your device via the computer. Remote shooting, which shows the camera’s direct video representation to the computer, is possible with the software. The camera can be accessed from your computer. The quality of the images can be downloaded to your computer. The images can be shared wherever you like.

How to connect Canon Rebel t6 to a computer – Install Canon Connect Software

This is how you can connect your Canon t6 to your computer. Now you can connect your camera wirelessly to your computer to easily send photos and videos to it.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a popular camera with a flip screen, which is made by considering the first-time users or beginners in mind. This camera is affordable and produces a good quality output for its price range. The T6 comes with an 18MP APSC sensor and Wi-Fi with NFC for photo sharing. It’s affordable, making it an ideal choice for beginners

The Canon EOS Rebel t6 has the following key features:

    • 9-point autofocus system
    • Video capture at 1080/30p
  • Fixed 3” 920k dots LCD
  • ISO 100-6400 expandable to 12800
  • Burst shooting at 3 fps
  • Wi-Fi with NFC

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