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How to connect Canon T6i to Mac

Have you just bought the Canon T6i and don’t know how to connect Canon T6i to your Mac? Follow the steps below to achieve the desired results.

Before you begin the process, make sure that you have the right accessories and a USB cable.

You must also restart the devices before closing any active sessions. This will ensure that both devices are connected seamlessly and without interruption.

Here are the steps to connect Canon T6i with Mac (via USB).

connect Canon t6i to mac – USB cable


To continue with the process, the camera must be fully charged. You might experience unwelcome interruptions when the camera is trying to connect with the Mac.

Step 2.

After checking the battery status, go to the main menu and deactivate the auto-power off feature. This will prevent any power interruptions while the camera is connected to the Mac.


Now, connect both ends of the USB cables to the ports on the respective devices. Connect the smaller end of the USB cable to the camera and the larger one to the Mac.

After you have completed the connection, look for any messages or prompts on your devices to confirm the successful connection.


The official Canon website has the Canon EOS Utility software. Download it and install it. Once the connection is established, you can begin to transfer images and videos according to your wishes.

Here are the steps to connect Canon T6i with Mac (via WIFI).

To close any active sessions, make sure to restart the devices before you continue. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1.

After you have completed the Canon EOS Utility Software download and installation, you will need to adjust your Canon T6i’s wifi settings. Follow the steps below.

WIFI settings>Enable>Wifi Function>Remote Control (EOS Utility)>Register a device for connection

Once you have done that, the SSID/Password information will be displayed on the LCD screen.

Step 2.

Now you will need to enable the WiFi feature on your Mac. You can now proceed to the next step by checking the WIFI network option and selecting ‘SSID WIFI information from above.

Now, the Mac will ask for your password. Enter the password shown on the camera screen, and then select “Join.” You will immediately see a message from Mac that says: “I am now on this network.”#


On the screen of Canon t6i, you will see a message stating ‘Start pairing devices’. You will see a message saying “EOSXXXXX Pairing Connection with the Computer in Progress”. Press OK to confirm.

The EOS software will now display the details of the camera to initiate the pairing process. Tap ‘Connect’ to select ‘Canon T6i’. A popup window will appear on your MAC’s screen stating -‘ Check the camera LCD’ and complete the network settings.

This message will appear on Mac’s screen. The camera LCD will prompt for ‘XXXXXXXXXXXX, Connect with the computer. Just tap on “OK”

The Camera and Mac can now be connected via wifi. Start with the transfer of your favorite videos or images.

Summarising it all

These steps will help you connect Canon t6i with Mac. When connecting via USB, make sure you use a high-quality USB cable.

This will allow you to save data you might lose when you transfer images or videos between devices.

Stay tuned for the latest information and updates on your favorite gadgets.

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