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How to connect Canon 7D and MAC

Things to Remember Before You Connect Canon 7D To MAC

These are some things you should remember before you begin the process.

  1. Use the MAC compatible USB Cable to connect Canon 7D with your MAC. You can find it on Amazon.
  2. Before connecting the camera to the computer, make sure to turn it on again.
  3. When connecting your Canon 7D with your computer, it is strongly recommended that you use the AC converter kit ACK-E6.

Here are the steps to connect Canon 7D with MAC

Step 1.

First, verify that the camera has not been connected to the computer. To begin the process, turn it on once you have confirmed that the camera is connected to your computer.

Step 2.

The menu will appear when you press the button that reads “Menu”.

Step 3.

The auto power settings will need to be changed. To do this, turn the main dial and select the tab marked [ ]. Next, choose the option that reads “Autopower off.” After you’ve done this, press the “SET” key. You can also rotate the dial which reads: “Quick Control Dial” and choose the option from the menu that reads “OFF.” Once you have made your selection, click the SET button again.

Step 4.

Next, press the Menu button on the camera to turn off the LCD monitor. Then, turn off the power to the camera.

Step 5.

When you buy the camera, you will receive a USB cable. The USB cable can be plugged into your computer. The location where the USB cable should be inserted varies from one computer to another. Before you begin, make sure to read the instructions.

Step 6.

The US ends at the other end. The cable must be inserted into the DIGITAL terminal on the Canon 7D.

Step 7.

Turn the camera on.

Step 8.

The EOS Utility will be opened and communication between the computer’s camera and the computer will begin. If the EOS Utility doesn’t gain automatically, you can click on the Start button and then select the “All Programs” menu. You will then need to select Canon Utilities or EOS Utilities before clicking on EOS Utility.

Follow these steps to connect your camera and your computer to transfer photos and videos.

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