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Canon EOS M5 Reviews

The best mirrorless Canon camera to date

Canon’s EOS M5 is a significant step forward. It offers a mirrorless model that can compete with entry-level DSLRs and other interchangeable-lens models. It is packed with features and specs that are nearly as good as rivals such as EOS Rebel T6s/760D. Canon seems to have implicitly acknowledged that even though entry-level DSLRs are still in demand at a lower price than $600 Canon will not stop trying to get them into the next price bracket.

The package includes the kit and the body with the EF-15-45mm f3.5 to6.3 IS STM lens. You’re welcome! You can get it on Amazon


  • Amazing resolution of 24 MP
  • Swift autofocus
  • 8.2fps continuous shooting
  • Touch screen LCD tiltable touch screen
  • Constructed in flash
  • Sharp EVF
  • Compatible with all Canon accessories
  • WIFI enabled


  • Video quality is limited to 1080p
  • Weather sealing is not possible
  • Autofocus falters in dim light

Our verdict about Canon m5 wifi

Although the Canon EOS is a great mirrorless camera, it can still be compared to the Sony A6300 (best price at With a superior continuous shooting speed, stylish autofocus system, and 4K video capability, the Sony A6300 is a strong competitor. It also has a sturdy body that can accept a wider range of lenses without an adapter. The Canon EOS M5 still wins over the Sony A6300 with its hybrid optical stabilizer system. The latter sticks to its optical-only method for that camera.

Review and Price of Canon Eos M5

Design and controls for Canon m5 Wi-Fi

Canon EOS-M5 Sensor

Canon has received many complaints regarding its older mirror-less models (like M3) due to their slow performance. Canon has introduced the Dual Pixel CMOS to the M5, which is similar to 80D. This will largely deliver a faster autofocus speed and better tracking performance than the hybrid CMOS in M3 and T6s/760D. The M5 comes with 7 frames per second continuous shooting, which Canon claims is a competitive rating. This is further enhanced by the autofocus and auto exposure functions. Canon claims that the image quality of the M5 is comparable to that of the 80D. Canon’s m5 sensor measures 22.30mm in width and 14.90mm in height.

Canon EOS HTML5 Design

Review and Price of Canon Eos M5

Although Canon EOS M5 doesn’t have a DSLR, the design and appearance of this camera would give you the feeling of one. The Canon EOS M5 is the first mirrorless camera to include an electronic viewfinder and rear grip. The touch screen display tilts down to allow you to take great selfies.

Canon EOS HTML5 Review – Features

Canon simply follows the Olympus tradition of using the back LCD to act as a touchpad once you use the viewfinder for selecting autofocus areas. The Nikon strategy of incorporating Bluetooth to keep the camera connected to your phone at a constant low energy level has been followed by Canon. This will allow for quicker remote shooting and file transfer.

Sensor 24.2 Megapixels (APS-C).

Iso Range: 100-25600

Focus: Dual pixel CMOS AF

Continuous shooting: 7.0 fps

Processor: DIGIC 7

Canon EOS HTML5 Review for Image Stabilization

Canon EOS M5 is now available. Canon joins the ranks of all mirror-less manufacturers that offer hybrid (optical plus shift sensor) stabilization features with a 5x compensation.

Canon EOS Review for Autofocus

Canon EOS M5’s most notable feature is its new image sensor. It perfectly supports Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology as opposed to the old Hybrid CMOS AF III. Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus is a cutting-edge technology that allows for smooth and fast phase detection. It can focus on approximately 80% of the image area. Canon claims that the M5 will offer the best autofocus performance of any EOS M series camera. The system has a range of EV -1 to 18. The system also includes an LED autofocus assist lamp that can be used to help with low-light shots.

Canon EOS HTML5 Review for Viewfinder

The Electronic Viewfinder is the latest addition to the Canon EOS M5 wifi. All previous models in the M series could only be supported by an awkward electronic Viewfinder accessory. The M5’s viewfinder is built and based on a 0.39-inch OLED panel. It has an approximate resolution of 2,360,000 dots. This feature provides a depth-of-field preview function and three grid overlays that can be requested to assist with precise framing.

Canon EOS HTML5 Review for Performance

Canon EOS M5 wifi is a strong performer and has made significant improvements over the M series offerings. Canon EOS M5’s startup time was also rated at one second. It is also 66 percent faster than its predecessors. The difference in burst shooting performance is also quite noticeable. The M3 could only capture 4.2 frames per second (with focus and exposure locked for the first frame), but the Canon EOS M5 can deliver 7 frames per second with autofocus enabled between frames. The number of frames can be increased to 9 frames per second if you set the autofocus and exposure for the first frame.

Canon EOS HTML5 Review for Video Capture

The Canon EOS M5 can shoot high-definition movies at 60 frames per second, with 1920×1080 pixels resolution. The camera’s new IS mode for movie capture includes both the latest lens-based optical stabilization and five-axis digital imaging stabilization. This is quite interesting. Surprisingly, even though your lens may not be capable of optical stabilization the EOS M5 is still capable of handling shakes using its five-axis digital stability.

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