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How do I adjust the Canon M50’s cinematic settings?

Canon M50 flip-screen DSLR camera makes a great cinematic tool with its incredible battery life and usable mode. It features a 24.2MP with CMOS AP–S sensor. This compact device is not only suitable for beginners but also for advanced professionals. Use a Canon m50 lens designed for cinematic shots. You can find it on Amazon. These are some steps to adjust your Canon M50 cinematic settings:

Cinematic shots with Canon M50

How to adjust Canon M50 for cinematic settings

Step 1.

Canon M50 cinematic settings – standard menu
Many of the newer models, like the Canon M50, come with a default menu set. This is intended for beginners. Although it’s easy to use, the default menu set isn’t very efficient when it comes to setting up Canon m50 cinematic settings. Click on the Menu button on your Canon M50. The display will now be set to guide. To disable it, click on it and switch to the Standard option. This will allow you to return to the older menu that is intended for advanced users.

Step 2.

Canon M50 cinematic settings – exposure mode

You can choose the mode you prefer from the menu. You will have many options. If you’re a professional, you can click on the movie manual exposure.

It allows you to experiment with different settings. It is better not to shoot at 60 frames per second with 4K resolution. You will not be able to shoot at 720p with the 120 frame per second option.

Step 3.

Canon M50 cinematic settings – aberration correction

You can choose which colors will be used to affect your video by turning on aberration control. Click on the menu to scroll through the options until the Aberration control option is found. To turn it on, click on it. This is not an essential step. You can choose to switch this option whenever you feel the need.

Step 4.

Canon M50 cinematic settings – ISO settings

You will find many options for ISO settings as you move to the second screen in the Canon M50 menu. If you don’t know what you’re doing, do not attempt to alter it. The auto white balance for Canon M50 cinematic settings can be changed. Next, choose the picture style you prefer. There are many options available, from landscape to fine detail to neutral. For most cases, it is best to use a neutral style of photography. You can adjust the saturation, contrast, and color tone according to the style option you choose. These options will default to being set according to the style they are assigned to.

Step 5.

Canon M50 Cinematic Settings – Other Settings

You can also adjust Canon M50 cinematic settings by choosing the image quality. The ‘raw’ option is preferred as it preserves the information. Next is the aspect ratio. You can adjust it to your liking. The default aspect ratio is 2:3. Many people recommend a 16:9 aspect ratio on their Canon M50. If you plan to take a lot of photos, you will need to adjust the drive mode. To choose from the available options, click on the drive mode button. High-speed continuous drive mode is preferred over all other options. Canon is well-known for its dual-pixel autofocus. Therefore, it turns on touch and drags AF mode.

Canon M50 is the best camera on the market. It is affordable and allows you to experience the cinematic experience. It’s easy to adjust the Canon m50 cinematic settings. Canon allows touchscreen use when the camera needs to focus. This is unlike other brands of cameras. Canon’s entire menu is an easy-to-use touchscreen. Canon M50 is a popular choice.

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