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How to Adjust Canon M50 Video Settings In 5 Steps

The Canon m50 is the best camera for creating outstanding videos. It has many features, and it is relatively cheaper than other models on the market. Canon m50 features include a flip-out touch screen, easy codec and high bitrate, custom buttons, focus peaking, magnifying, scanning with Dpad, and magnifying. You can still have an incredible video shoot. However, it is possible to do it quite well with a few Canon m50 settings.

Five Steps to Adjust Canon M50’s Video Settings

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Step 1

Canon M50 Video Settings – initial settings

anon HTML50 video settings is the first step to adjust it. This involves going through all settings. You won’t see it at first. Canon m50 defaults to the beginner setting as “ON”. Select the menu, then click on Display settings. To switch on the DSLR Classic Canon Menu, you will need to select the menu display option and then click on the Display settings.

Step 2.

Canon M50 Video Settings: Adjusting the Shutter Button

Use the shutter button as a recording and capture button. It is easy to set the shutter button to the recording key when shooting in video mode. This avoids the small record button that is built into video mode. To change the shutter button to the record button, go to the menu. Select the Btn function by clicking on “5”. To start or stop recording, you must press the shutter button fully.

Step 3.

Canon M50 Video Settings – aperture

You need control over the aperture to make a video look professional. The front dial can be used to control the aperture. The front dial is used to adjust the shutter speed when you use the video mode. You can also change the aperture control to adjust it. To toggle between the controls on the front dial, you will need to press the Exposure or Dpad button. Turn on the video mode first. This will allow you to record videos at 4k resolution.

Step 4.

Canon M50 Video Settings – enable focus peaking

The screen of the Canon m50 has crisp details and can be adjusted to fit canon m50 video settings. To use focus peaking, click on the menu option. Next, select the Camera option. After that, click on the “5” option and select the settings for MF. You can choose from high or low peaking. You can also choose from three different colour options: red, blue or yellow.

Step 5.

Canon M50 Video Settings: IS and Stabilization

Canon m50 comes with an in-built stabilizer. The stabilizer works entirely electronically. The sensor won’t be moved. Your video will instead be slightly cropped. This feature can be turned on or off to adjust the settings for your Canon M50 video. It depends on the tripod whether you need it to be turned on or off. To turn off the built-in stabilizer, first open the menu. Select the option for camera, then select ‘5’. There will be an option to adjust IS settings. To disable digital IS, click on the option. The IS only crops a portion of the video when enable mode has been turned on. However, it crops a substantial portion in enhanced mode. This is important to ensure that the video does not deteriorate.

These steps will allow you to easily capture 4k resolution video. This is your chance to try filmmaking.

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