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How do I transfer files from Canon Rebel T7/2000 onto a smartphone?

Once you’ve taken photos with your Canon Rebel T7/2000 camera, the next step is the most difficult and challenging. The next step is to transfer the images to your smartphone or tablet for further processing and posting on different social media platforms. Vlogging requires images to be stored in your system. These steps will help you transfer your photos to your tablet or smartphone.

How to transfer photos from Canon RebelT7

Step 1. 

First, bring your camera close to your system. Look at the side of your camera and you’ll see a USB port. It is covered by a rubber cap. The cap can be removed and the port will now be visible. Take your USB port and place the small end in the camera. Next, connect the larger part of your USB cable to your computer or smart phone. If you wish to transfer files from your canon rebel T7 to your smartphone, you will need a USB adapter.

Step 2

It may take some time for the destination device (smartphone, computer) to recognize the device. It will display the “my computer” section once it has recognized the device. A small dialogue box will appear on your computer asking what you want to do with your device. To transfer all your pictures to the computer, you will need to select the correct option from the list.

Step 3. 

The next dialog box will open after you have selected this option. To view files, select “Open Device”. Now you have complete access to all files on your camera.

Step 4. 

Look for the DCIM folder. This folder is where all videos and images are stored. This DCIM folder will contain the sub-folder in which images are kept.

Step 5. 

You can select files to be transferred from Canon Rebel t7 to your computer or smartphone. To transfer all photos and videos, select all. Make sure you have a destination folder created in case you want to transfer files to your computer.

Step 6.

After you have finished transferring files, you can easily disconnect the USB cable from your computer.

Step 7.

You will then see the same dialog box asking you what to do. Select the Transfer of Files option. Next, you will need to navigate to the folder on your computer to select the images or videos you require.

Step 8.

You will need to send selected photos and videos to your tablet or smartphone. Once the transfer is completed, all images will be visible in the smartphone or tablet gallery.

These are the steps to follow when you want to transfer different images or videos to your tablet or smartphone.

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