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How to use Canon Rebel T6 white balance on Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon flipscreenEOS RebelT6 allows you to adjust the color saturation of one side to achieve better white balance results. You can adjust the red balance of the image if the red component appears to be too dominant. Any changes you make to a Canon EOS RebelT6 will have an impact on the image’s white balance. This applies to images that have been adjusted with custom Canon 1300d white balance settings. For Canon Rebel T6 DSLR White Balance adjustments, follow the steps below.

Canon Rebel T6 White balance

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Step 1

When using a Canon EOS Rebel T6 vlogging camera EOS, set the Mode dial to P, Av, or M.

Canon rebel t6 white-balanced

Step 2

Select display shooting menu. Highlight the WB shift. Here you will see the fine-tuning and the white balance of the canon rebel 6 white balance.

Canon Rebel t6 white balance

Step 3

You can see the details of the image by pressing set on a Canon EOS Rebel T6 vlogging camera EOS Rebel T6 The grid will include two-color pairs (magenta, green along with amber & blue). It will also show you how much a white balance shift has occurred. If the line is in the middle of a grid, it means that there has not been any shift in the white balance canon 1300d image.

White balance settings for Canon Rebel t6

Step 4

Cross keys are required to move the shift indicator marker in the grid of a Canon flipscreenEOS RebelT6/1300D. You can also see the color bias you have selected on the grid. To get the best image result, you need to choose the correct degree of color correction. The marker will move when you add a filter to the image.

Step 5

To apply any changes to the image, press the set button after you have changed the grid marker. You can now return to the main menu and make any additional changes. You can see the changes in color by moving the +/- sign on the white balance option. You can also see the details about the shift changes in the Camera Settings display. To activate the display menu, first, display it and then click the DISP button. The white balance will not change if the exposure mode is changed on the Canon flipscreenEOS Rebel E6/1300D. It doesn’t matter what Canon rebel T6 white balance option is set, it will be applied to the selected image. You can view the final result by looking through the monitor or viewfinder of the Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Step 6

If you wish to cancel the white-balance correction that was applied to the image, bring the marker back towards the middle of the graph and press these” options. You can then press the DISP button to remove all white balance settings you applied to the image. It is simple to cancel the white balance effect that was applied to an image using Canon flipscreenEOS Rebel 6.

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