March 3, 2021

Chocolate Factory In India

Top 10 largest Chocolate Manufacturers in India (2021)

I am convinced that if chocolate were a sin, most of us would be unrepentant sinners. How can anyone say no to the gooey, sweet, and heavenly rich taste of chocolates? I often get the impression that the word “chocolate” has such sway over us that just looking at an invoice makes us want some.

How content would the majority of us be if we lived in a world like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Mmmh! Swimming in a chocolate river and eating chocolate houses! It’s enough to make one’s mouth water.

Chocolates are similar to drugs from a medical standpoint. They give us a much more intense arousal high than romantic kissing (which is why you give chocolates on Valentine’s Day). Eating chocolates has also been shown to alleviate tension in people who are highly stressed. Now we have a good reason to indulge in some chocolate.

Speaking of which, there are many well-known chocolate brands around the world, some of which are so well-known that their brand name and the word “chocolate” are synonymous. We need to look at the top chocolate manufacturers in India because Chocolate Day is coming up soon.

Here are the top Chocolate Manufacturers In India:


Cadbury best chocolate brand in india

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Cadbury is the first thing that comes to mind when someone suggests “chocolates” in India. Cadbury is actually India’s chocolate king; on average, Cadbury accounts for more than half of all chocolate sales in the country (love is in the air!).

Cadbury was founded in 1824 (196 years ago!) by John Cadbury, who sold tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Cadbury’s company took off in 1902 when they started using more milk in their chocolate than their rivals (so Cadbury dairy milk is 118 years old!).

While working with J.S Fry and Sons (Joseph Fry was the one who created chocolate bars!) who were one of the top three sweets manufacturers of the 19th and 20th centuries, Cadbury merged with several firms and brought out many fascinating chocolates and flavours like creme eggs (Ah! The Easter special! ), Fruit and Nut (tasted strange but yum! ), and crunchie. Cadbury eventually merged with Schweppes (Dr. Pepper in chocolate anyone?) until 2007, when Mondelez bought it (Kraft foods)

Let’s move on from the past and explore Cadbury’s new chocolate offerings. Dairy milk was the first and most well-known, but there are others that are slowly gaining popularity, including Cadbury silk, bubbly, silk crunch, five star, fuse, Oreo, gems, perk, and Bournville (Was good! they said it was bitter!). There are a few other Cadbury brands, so let’s concentrate on the chocolates we like.



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Nestle is India’s second most well-known brand. Unlike Cadbury, which has always concentrated exclusively on chocolate, Nestle has also developed baby food, medicinal food, coffee, pet food, candy, drinking water (Woah!) and ice cream.

When a chocolatier named Daniel Peter’s candle-making company went bankrupt, he wanted to perfect milk chocolate in order to make it last longer. With the aid of his neighbour, Henri Nestle, who sold baby food and medical food, he spent seven years perfecting it. In 1879, Daniel and Nestle merged, resulting in Switzerland’s first milk chocolate.

Nestle now sells a wide variety of chocolate items, but it is their original Swiss white chocolate that makes life worthwhile.

And don’t forget about Kit Kat (no offence Cadbury, but Kit Kat rocks.) Fun fact: while Kit Kat was developed in the UK and later brought to Japan by Nestle, it was Nestle Japan that went crazy over them. Today, Japan has over 300 flavours of Kit Kat, while the rest of the world has barely 20 flavors, and the Japanese eat Kit Kats religiously (Yeah! Kit Kat land!)


amul chocolates

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For the sake of not plagiarising, I’m not going to write the Amul advert, but I’m sure it’s already running through your heads. There isn’t a single Indian child who hasn’t heard of Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited, in case you didn’t know!). Amul is the only Indian chocolate manufacturer on this list, as well as one of the country’s largest.

Amul chocolates were once the king of Indian chocolates, but they were soon dethroned by Cadbury, and since then, Amul chocolates are the only Amul product that doesn’t sell well. Personally, I prefer Amul Dark chocolate to Cadbury Bournville because Cadbury chocolates can be excessively sweet (especially silk) and cause stomach aches in lactose intolerant people.



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Mars may seem like an alien name to the Cadbury and Nestle executives (pun intended). Mars, on the other hand, is about to annex India’s chocolate throne (Ah! Alien invasion!).

Frank C. Mars founded Mars Inc. in 1911, but the company failed due to competition from another company. In 1920, Franklin Mars tried again, forming the Mar-O-Bar Co., which is now known as Mars, incorporated. Franklin made use of his son’s invention.

(Forrest Mars.) (Almost said Gump…) came up with the concept and created Milky Way, which became a bestseller. His son, on the other hand, invented the Mars bar in 1932.

Mars, incorporated. has steadily grown in popularity in India with its Mars bar, Snickers and Galaxy, M&M, Bounty, and Twix. I tried Galaxy chocolate once, and I have to say, once you bite into it, there’s no going back.


Hershey's chocolates

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Even though it doesn’t look like kisses, I can’t get over the fact that they have a chocolate called Kisses… Anyway, Milton S. Hershey, a candy and later caramel maker, created Hershey when he saw the Chocolate Making Machine at the World’s Columbian Exposition and thought to himself, “Chocolates are forever!” Hail Chocolate!” he shouted, so he sold his caramel company for $1 million and created Hershey’s.

Hershey’s is now one of the world’s largest chocolate candy manufacturers, producing over 60 million Hershey’s kisses per day (wow!). Hershey’s kisses are available in India, along with a few other items such as Hershey’s Milk Shake (brings all the boys to the yard), Hershey’s Syrup (take 4 spoons everyday for medical purposes), Hershey’s sauce (try not to spread it on your sandwich; it doesn’t taste good), Hershey’s cocoa, and Hershey’s Dark Brookside chocolate. All of the above are delicious and go well with a variety of foods, but unless you’re single, avoid the kisses.


Ferrero Choclate

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Ferrero is another well-known brand name. It was founded in 1946 by Pietro Fererro, who came up with the idea of solid gianduja (hazelnut spread) by combining cocoa and hazelnut cream. The concept was popular in manufacturing, and it was later sold in aluminium foil that had to be cut with a knife.

Pietro’s son Michele Ferrero and his wife Maria Franca tinkered with Pietro’s recipe after his death and re-launched it as Nutella (yum!). Ferrero Rocher, Nuttela, and Kinderjoy are just a few of the company’s impressive (read: expensive) products available in India. Fererro chocolates are expensive since they are valued rather than costed. The higher the price, the greater the value (exotic alert!).

Lindt & Sprüngli

lindt & sprüngli choclate

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Lindt is the second Swiss chocolatier after Nestle, but unlike Nestle, which was founded between 1866 and 1905, Lindt and Sprüngli was founded in 1845 and has been known for its chocolate truffles, bars, and other products since its inception.

Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann and David Sprüngli-Schwarz founded Lindt and Sprüngli, and the chocolate factory was later passed on to Johann Rudolf and Johann who bought a chocolate factory from Rudolf Lindt for 1.5 million gold francs.

Lindt is notable for having 410 cafes around the world, all of which are chocolate lovers’ dream come true. The cafe’s theme focuses primarily on chocolates and desserts (Anyone have a problem?). The most intriguing aspect, however, is that they sell handmade chocolates, macarons, cakes, and ice cream right inside the cafe. Unfortunately, the Lindt cafe has not yet arrived in India (I guess.) But make sure you don’t miss it when it arrives in India. Lindt can be found in mega markets or online before then.



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If you’re acquainted with Lindt, you should be familiar with Ghirardelli, which is now a subsidiary of Lindt and Sprüngli in the United States. Ghirardelli has a fascinating heritage. Domenico Ghirardelli, who began his career as a chocolatier when he was a child, founded Ghirardelli.

He later moved to Uruguay at the age of 20 and began working in the chocolate and coffee industries. However, he moved to Peru a year later and opened a sweets shop (at the age of 21!). Oh my goodness!) He moved to California at the age of 29 and opened his first shop in Stockton, California, which sold supplies; after a few months, he opened another shop in San Francisco, but later moved back to California due to a fire at his San Francisco business and opened a shop in Hornitos between 1856 and 1859, where he perfected his chocolate recipes.

Ghirardelli & Girard was founded in San Francisco in 1866, and by 1866, the company had imported 1000 pounds of cocoa seeds per year. During this time, Ghirardelli also sold spices and coffee to the United States, China, Japan, and Mexico. By 1885, Ghirardelli chocolates were in high demand, and the company was importing 450,000 pounds of cocoa seeds per year (Gotta say Ghirardelli was an impressive businessman.)

Ghirardelli had cafes that sold chocolates before it was purchased by Lindt, but unlike Lindt, it also sold spices and coffee. Although there are no Ghirardelli cafes in India, the chocolates can be ordered online or purchased at Megastores. Please keep in mind that these Chocolates are more expensive than any other brand in India, but they are also better.



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Fabelle is an ITC brand that specialises in high-end chocolates. Fabelle is a Latin word that means “little bean.” Fabelle prides itself on being one of a kind and handcrafted.

Fabelle is the only company on this list with a store in India, which is located in Bengaluru. The shop offers a wide selection of handcrafted chocolates, desserts, and ice cream. The Fabelle store in Bengaluru is a must-see for chocolate lovers, but be prepared to spend around 5,000 rupees on chocolates.



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Govida was named after the legend of Lady Godiva and was created by the Darps family. The first Godiva store opened in Brussels’ Grand Place and later expanded to the United States.

Campbell Soup Company introduced Godiva to the market in 1966, but Campbell later sold Godiva to Yildiz Holding in Istanbul. Godiva currently has over 650 retail locations worldwide, but none in India. Although these delectable chocolates are available on Amazon.

Chocolate has been a major power source since ancient times; the Mayans were the first to consume chocolate, and they used it religiously (literally). They used it in place of blood in their prayers and at weddings, where the Groom and Bride shared it while exchanging vows.


Chocolates are now readily available thanks to manufacturers, and a multitude of flavours have arisen as a result of people tinkering with them. We now have four styles of chocolates: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and pink chocolate (Tastes sour).

I’m not sure if you made it this far, but if you did, I’m pretty sure your goal is to try all of the chocolates from all of the companies listed above. Hello there! If it’s for chocolate, we’ll gladly pay a few dollars because we’re its slaves.

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