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Are you a writer looking for work? Best laptops for writers with a limited budget you probably know the drill now. It is important to choose a high-quality laptop with enough memory and reliable performance that you can afford. It’s easy to spend more than you think. All the vendors claim their laptops are “best for writers”, but you often end up spending on features that you don’t need. Only spend what you really need to write on your laptop.

Model Name Processor Graphics RAM Size of Hard Drive Resolution Type of memory Check the Price
Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop MediaTek MT8173C Processor Integrated MediaTek Graphics 4 GB 64 GB 1920 * 1080 LPDDR3 Check Price
Acer Chromebook R11 Convertible Intel Quad-Core N3160 N1.6 Ghz, Up to 2.24GHz Intel HD Graphics 400 6 GB 32 GB 1366*768 DDR3 Check Price

The best laptops for affordable writers

Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible Laptop , 4GB DDR3L, 32GB eMMC, C738T-C7KD

This Chromebook R 11 computer has a 360 degrees rotation that lets you configure it in all directions efficiently. It will not break into two pieces when folded or unfolded. This laptop is truly flexible. Because of its small size, the laptop can be easily carried around. It has a long battery lifespan and can hold a single charge for up to a full day. You can do many writing tasks without needing to charge it constantly. This laptop is durable and affordable.

Laptops for writers with a tight budget

Before you buy, make sure to read the Product Description.

  • This laptop is powered by an Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core Processor at up to 2.48GHz
  • It also features an 11.6″ HD IPS 10-point multitouch screen (1366×768).
  • 4GB DDR3L onboard memory & 32GB eMMC
  • 11ac WiFi with 2×2 MIMO technology (Dual-Band 2.4GHz and 5.GHz) & Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery life up to 10 hours
  • 1-USB 3.0 port; 1 – USB 2.0 Port; 1 – HDMI Port with HDCP Support.
  • HD Webcam (1280×720).
  • Google Chrome Operating System

Details and product features –

  • The Google Chromebook runs on the Google Chrome Operating System, which is designed to meet today’s competitive world. It has anti-virus protection and automatic updates. The booting process is quick, which allows for a strong internet connection.
  • Standard Google apps are included on the laptop. You can edit, download and convert Microsoft Office files to Google Docs, Sheets, and slides. Google Play Store allows you to download many writing tools, such as Grammarly and Sandy. Magazines etc.
  • Acer Chromebook comes with built-in storage that allows you to access offline files and 100GB of Google Drive storage to ensure file backup.
  1. Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop, 14-Inch FHD (1920×1080) Display, MediaTek MT8173C Processor, 4GB LPDDR3, 64GB eMMC, Chrome OS, 81JW0000US, Business Black

The Lenovo Chromebook product description

  • The laptop is safer, more efficient, and easier to use. The laptop comes in a slim, stylish, and sleek business black chassis. It is also among the most popular laptops in its class. Best laptops for writers that are affordable this laptop’s beauty will make you more creative.
  • This laptop is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best multimedia in high definition. Chromebook computers feature an FHD display that’s almost borderless, allowing you to enjoy multimedia content like a pro.
  • The Lenovo Chromebook delivers fast, up-to-date performance and digital security.
  • The battery lasts 10 hours on a single charge. You can write large volumes of work without interruptions.
Laptops for writers with a tight budget

Details and features of the product

  • High-performance Chromebook with Media Tek MTK8173C Processor and Google Chrome Operating System. It also has 4GB LPDDR3, 64 GB eMMC 5, and a Media Tek MTK8173C Processor. 1
  • It has a sleek, stylish design that will make you happy. The Lenovo Chromebook S330 measures less than 1″ and weighs 3.3 pounds. It is easy to transport.
  • This computer features a 14-inch FHD display, which is ideal for everyday computing and multitasking.
  • The laptop’s powerful processing power will make your everyday computer use easier. It has LPDDR3 memory which allows for faster processing. It features eMMC storage that speeds up boot times, software loading capabilities that are fast, and 100GB cloud storage via Google Drive.
  • The Lenovo Chromebook is compatible with other devices. The computer supports full I/O, as well as a USB-C and micro SD. For fast connectivity, use 0 This computer has a 2 x 2 WiFi AC, so you can enjoy Wi-Fi from it. Bluetooth technology is also available. 1. It features a 720p webcam, two-speaker systems (2W), and secure collaboration via Chrome Operating System.
  • Chromebook is easy to use: It has built-in virus protection and a long battery that can be used for longer periods of time.

Tips to Buy a Laptop

  • Portability is implied by a small laptop screen size that varies from 11 to 17 inches on many laptops. A 15-inch model will keep your computer stable and in place. If you plan to carry your laptop around a lot, the 13-inch or 14-inch models are better.
  • Buy a laptop that has longer battery life. If you plan to use your computer while away from a power source, make sure that your laptop has a minimum of 8 hours of battery life.
  • A laptop that has a minimum resolution of 1080p is recommended this resolution is available in most computers for less than $400. A computer with a resolution of 1920×1080 can be used. This is the Full High Definition resolution. This resolution allows for easy reading of web pages and allows you to stack two windows side-by-side for multitasking. This resolution is a standard for computers. Best laptops for writers that are affordable given it a shot.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you are a writer with a limited budget. You don’t need to have a lot of hardware for writing. All you need is a word processor, and the ability to browse quickly. The laptops in this article were chosen to be affordable enough for everyone.

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