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How do I Factory Reset Chromebook

Chromebooks are so easy to use, thanks to their lighter Chrome OS. Chrome OS doesn’t slow down as Windows after a while. If you’ve been using Chrome OS for a while, a factory reset may be able to speed up your device. A factory reset can also be used to erase all personal data if you sell or transfer your Chromebook. This article will help you if you don’t know How to factory reset Chromebooks.

We will be describing to you four different methods to factory reset Chromebooks in 2021. Let’s start by describing the unique methods to factory reset Chromebooks.

Notice: All factory reset methods can wipe all your personal data. These methods will wipe your personal data so please back up all of your important data on Gdrive and any other external device before you apply them.

This is the simplest method to Factory Reset Chromebook

Step1 Click the Setting icon to open it.

Step 2: Click on the Advanced option to open the Reset Settings menu.

The simplest way to factory reset Chromebook

Step 3 – You will see the Reset option in the Powerwash menu. It will take a few seconds for your Chromebook to factory reset. Make sure that your device is at least 60% charged before you proceed.

Simplest Way to Factory Reset Chromebook – Step 3

Without Password, Factory Reset Chromebook

Step 1 To reset your Chromebook’s password, you can use the Chrome OS shortcut key. Start your Chromebook by pressing Ctrl + alt + Shift + R on the login screen.

Factory Reset Chromebook Without Password

Step 2 A new window will open immediately, and you’ll see the Powerwash button. You can click it to reset the system.

Factory Reset Chromebook Without Password – Powerwash

Hard Reset Chromebook using Recovery Mode

You can use Hard Reset to reset your Chromebook if it freezes mid-way through or stops booting. The Hard Reset method is an option if the other methods have not worked.

Hard Reset does not just reset Chromebook software, but also the hardware configuration. To restore the device, it uses the Chromebook Recovery Mode. These are the steps to perform a hard reset.

Step 1 First, turn on your Chromebook. Next, long-press both the refresh and power buttons. If your Chromebook is still not opening, then connect the power cable again.

Factory Reset Chromebook Without Password – Refresh Key

Notice – If the door is not yet opened, press the Esc key together with 2 keys.

Step 2 Once Chromebook displays missing OS or damage, then you can release all keys. To open Recovery mode, press Ctrl+D. Follow the instructions on the screen and it will all be done automatically.

Factory Reset Chromebook Without Password – Recovery

Step 3 – If you are using a Chromebook and a tablet, then press the volume button together with the power button for ten seconds. The process will begin. Follow the instructions on the screen to factory reset your tablet.

Step 4If you have an older Chromebook device, look at the bottom. You can use the dedicated reset key to hard reset your device.

Factory Reset Chromebook Without Password – Recovery button

After reinstalling Chrome OS, you can quickly get your computer back up. Once you log into the same Google account, your apps and data will sync.

Reset School Chromebook to Factory Settings

Chromebooks that are registered under school will make it more difficult to factory reset your device. They register your serial number in Google admin, where they manage all registered devices. You are not permitted to factory reset your device if it is registered under an administrator.

Reset a School Chromebook to Factory Settings


This article will show you how to factory reset Chromebooks in various ways. You can choose from the following methods, depending on your problem. The first method, which is a quick and easy way to factory reset, works well for most users. These factory reset methods should be helpful to you. Feel free to comment below and share this article via social media.

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