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How to connect a WiFi booster to a new router

There are likely to be some blind spots in a large house. A Wi-Fi booster is a device that increases the speed of internet waves and allows them to reach further places.

The internet is stronger thanks to this device, which can be used from anywhere in the house. A booster can be used to improve internet speed in areas that are slow or inconsistent. The range of most routers is between 30.5m (100feet), and 45.7m (135feet). This information can be found in the manual of your router or on its packaging.

There are two options to connect your Wi-Fi Booster to your new router.

Manual Method

This manual method is also known as the AP mode (Access Point) or web browser setup. To set up your Wi-Fi booster, follow the steps below.

  • Turn the booster on by plugging it into an electric source
  • For ten seconds, press the reset button
  • The booster can be connected to your Wi-Fi device or laptop and the network manager launched
  • Open your web browser
  • Type
  • When prompted, enter admin as username and Admin password. These can be changed

Please check back later.

  • Next, click on the booster installation wizard. Select your network and then enter SSID.
  • Click the Finish button

WPS Method

  • Make sure the wifi extender is plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • Hold the WPS button for 10 seconds and long-press it on the booster.
  • Press the WPS button long-pressing the router’s button. Wait for the LED to turn solid green to indicate that the router has synced with the booster.
  • Once the booster and router have successfully synced, you can look halfway between the Wi-Fi dead spot and router. You want to find a position that the booster can receive the Signal, but is far enough to broadcast it out to other areas. You can select wireless connectivity if your booster has it. You can plug in wired devices to the ethernet port.
  • Use the same password for your router and connect to the booster’s network.
  • For the booster password, refer to the manual
  • All set!

The Wi-Fi booster extends signal

The booster will connect to your router to boost the wireless signal and act as a WAP (Wireless Access Point). It will also have its SSID or network name. This allows devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles to connect to the router via this point.

Multiple boosters can be installed in the same home or office. Each booster must be connected to the router and within its range. Two boosters cannot be connected, so each booster must have its network name to distinguish it from others. Some boosters can be connected wirelessly without an ethernet cable. These boosters are the most straightforward to set up and take only a few minutes. The majority of boosters can be used with any router brand. It is best to verify before purchasing the booster.

Get Your Router’s Range

The range of most routers is between 30.5m (100feet), and 45.7m (135feet). This information can be found in the manual of your router or on the packaging. You can move items closer to remove obstructions or ensure they are within the maximum range.

You can’t move things closer to the router or move walls or other barriers, because they are permanent. To boost the signal beyond the router’s maximum range, you will need a booster.


Installing a Wi-Fi booster is quick and easy. It will give your office or home better network coverage. The Wi-Fi booster should be placed halfway between the router and the dead spot. This will allow those who live further away from the router to receive the same coverage as those who live near it.

A wireless box is a better option than a wired one. It is quick and easy to set up, with no complicated configurations. Dead spots can make it difficult to use Wi-Fi. Contact the manufacturer if you have any issues setting up your Wi-Fi booster.

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