Connect Dell Laptop To Monitor With Hdmi


Modern laptops and PCs are amazing. However, their one-screen display is always a limitation. You may need to use an external monitor if you are required to do multiple tasks simultaneously.

If you don’t know how to connect a Dell laptop to a monitor, we have some great tips.

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Method 1.VGA port to connect a Dell Laptop and monitor

While some laptops from Dell have built-in connections, others may require additional adjustments. Follow these steps to make simple adjustments. The following steps are only recommended for flat-screen monitors.

Step 1.

Locate the female VGA port of your laptop at 15 pins >>> Plug in the male adapter.
How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor
Step 2.

To set the laptop to “External monitor mode”, press the “Function” key. The abbreviation is “Fn”. You can then continue by pressing F1 through F9.

Step 3.

The “Auto Adjust” button will be displayed on the Dell monitor. This will ensure that your monitor’s resolution is in sync with your computer’s settings.

Method 2.Projection from a Laptop

Each DCS classroom with support for the data projector includes the VGA cable. This cable allows for the constant connection of the laptop and projector. The VGA port for the laptop includes the three rows of five holes. Digital classroom systems are available in classrooms these days, which can be used with HDMI inputs to project from laptops.

To begin, check if there is a data projector in the classroom. Next, search for the room by clicking on the tab Technology. To ensure the room has an HDMI input, click on Classroom Features and then check for additional items.

The VGA and HDMI ports are now available on the latest laptops. If your laptop doesn’t have the VGA/ HDMI port, the adapter will be required to connect one of the cables. The power supply is always recommended.

Step 1.

Turn on the system >>> Select the appropriate button to activate the laptop.

Step 2.

Connect the VGA/ HDMI cable to the port VGA/ HDMI on the laptop. It is better to plug in the adapter when you are using the HDMI adapter. The adapter can be connected to the other end by connecting the cable provided. If the HDMI and VGA cables are not present, you can connect the other end to the jack.

Step 3.

You will now need to turn on your laptop. Once the laptop’s new image is loaded onto the desktop, projection will begin automatically.

Method 3.Switching to an external monitor

A graphics card adapter port is included in the Dell laptop. The port can be used to connect to the laptop, and then to an external device. It’s useful as it displays the images clearly on the computer, which will keep large audiences interested. The right type of cable can be purchased for your laptop’s port. The Dell laptops now have the ability to toggle between the monitors using two keys.

Step 1.

This step will allow you to verify if your Dell laptop has an S-Video, VGA, or DVI port. The ports on the back must be checked. This will allow you to identify the type of Port on the monitor.

Step 2.

After you have completed this, you will need to order a matching cable. The cable must be connected to the Dell laptop’s port and the other end to the external monitor it is being connected to.

Step 3.

To switch the display to an external monitor, press the “FN”, and “F8” keys simultaneously. This step allows you to simultaneously display the laptop’s monitor and the laptop screen.

Step 4.

Press the keys to switch back to images. This can be seen on the LCD screen of Dell’s laptop.

Step 5.

If you discover that the combination “FN”/”F8 is not working, open the Start menu. Next, click on “Control Panel” >>> choose “Personalization.”

Step 6.

Click “Display Options” >>> “Identify monitors.” This will allow you to locate the external monitor. Click the drop-down menu. Next, choose the external monitor that you wish to switch the display.

Summarising it all

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to connect the Dell laptop with an external monitor. These steps will allow you to multitask more effectively.

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