Connect to Router Without Internet


How to connect to the router without modem

Modems are not required for routers to communicate with computers. A router’s primary function is to:

  • You can connect with your endpoints wirelessly or wired (PC, tablet, etc.) by assigning them IP addresses.
  • Allow your devices to communicate with one another.

Modems, on the other side, are used to connect your router and other endpoints with the broadband network. A modem is not required to connect to a router, but it is necessary to connect to the internet.

Here are some steps to connect your router without a modem

Step 1. Establishing all basic connections

How to Connect Router without Modem – Basic connections

Before you can proceed with the router setup, make sure that all devices are turned on. You will need to first plug the router off and then let it turn off completely. You will also need an Ethernet cable to connect your modem to the router’s Internet port.

The router must be connected to your computer using an Ethernet cable (plugged into the router’s LAN ports). To set up the router, connect the switch and modem to a power source nearby while you’re using them.

Keep an eye on the devices until they turn green. Once the lights on the devices turn green, you can move on to the next step about how to connect the router with no modem.

Step 2. Securing the IP address

How to Connect Router without Modem – IP Address

First, open the Command prompt and then type “ipconfig” to secure your IP address. After you have typed that, the system will prompt for the IP address. This information is usually found on the router package. You can also connect to the manufacturer’s customer service in the same manner.

Once you have obtained the IP address of your router, you will be able to view every detail about its build, features, and configuration. These details should be saved somewhere so that you don’t share them with anyone.

Step 3. Configuring the router

How to Connect Router without Modem – Configuring router

Open the web browser of your system. Type the IP address into the address bar. After entering the IP address, click on the Enter button to be taken to the page that displays router settings. Next, enter the password and username.

These details will be on the box of your router. You can also check them with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). These details are case-sensitive, so take care when performing the same task.

If you have issues with your login, perform a factory reset to reset your router’s default settings. After that, you can go to the router’s setup wizard. Click on Next to open a new window asking you to select the type of Internet connection you wish to establish.

Click on the Next button and check the box next to “Yes”. Wait a few minutes for the system to detect your Internet connection.

Finally, you’ll be taken to a page that displays all configurations for your Internet connection. You can now test your Internet connectivity by selecting an option. Now your router is connected successfully to the Internet.

The new router settings allow you to connect easily to the Internet. You can also plug out the modem and computer to test the new settings.

Consider these points when connecting the router to the modem without a modem.

If the router does not establish a connection to the Internet after the above-mentioned steps, disable the firewalls.

If you have trouble accessing the router login page, make sure to check your parental control software.
If neither of these checks fails, you can try a different browser. Or contact the customer service team at the router manufacturer.

How to connect the router with no modem

If you don’t know much about technology or networking, it can be difficult to grasp the entire process. You can either consult a specialist or buy a router on the market with a modem built-in.

The router can be used with a modem to provide additional security and protection against external threats such as hackers and snoopers. After considering all facts and factors, it is important to make the right decision.

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