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How can I copy and paste on a Chromebook

This is the most frequently asked question in the digital world. Everything is so easy to do. Although shortcuts can be used in different ways, copy and paste are universal across platforms. Chromebooks also offer copy and paste functions, just like macOS and Windows.

Chromebooks are quicker, more affordable, and easier than other operating systems, but they can also be confusing for people who use them. Let’s learn more about Copy and Paste, as it is the most used feature.

How can I copy and paste on a Chromebook Select Text

How can I copy and paste on a Chromebook Select Text

It is simple to copy and paste text on a Chromebook. This is similar to Windows or Mac OS. Let’s take a look at these three steps.

  1. Tap one finger and hold it on a touchpad. Then, using the other finger, drag your cursor over the text you wish to copy. Finally, release both fingers. Press down on the button to highlight the text and create a box around it. Release.
  2. To copy, press Ctrl + C keys simultaneously. Alternatively, you can use a right-click to select Copy from the pop-up menu and tap on a touchpad, pressing the Alt key.
  3. Click on the area where you wish to paste the copied text, then press the Ctrl+V keys simultaneously. You can also choose Paste on a pop-up by right-clicking on a mouse, and tapping with both your fingers on a touchpad.

The text will remain copied until it is changed. The current copy can be copied multiple times. Chrome OS doesn’t copy formatting so make sure to adjust the style.

How can I copy and paste on a Chromebook – A Complete Web Page

Follow these steps if you want to copy all of a web page.

  1. Except for images click anywhere on the page and press Ctrl+ A to select them all simultaneously. This will select the entire page. Highlight the selected area.
  2. Use the Ctrl+C keys simultaneously. This will highlight everything.
  3. Click the area you wish to paste and then press Ctrl +V simultaneously.

Important to know that this method copies all web content, including images, headers, and buttons. However, the layout might not be copied and pasted.

How can I copy and paste on a Chromebook – Images

How can I copy and paste on a Chromebook – Images

Do you want to copy images? It is possible, but only if the source permits it. These are the steps to copy an image from Chromebook.

  1. To select the image, hover your mouse over it. To select the image, press the Alt key on your Chromebook and tap the touchpad with your finger.
  2. Click the Copy Image button in the pop-up menu.
  3. Click the area you wish to paste and then press the Ctrl+V keys simultaneously.

How can I copy and paste on Chromebook Extensions for specific tasks

Chrome has many advantages that make your work easier. The copy-and-paste extension helps to overcome these obstacles. These tools can accomplish many tasks.

1. MultiCopy Clipboard

MultiCopy Clipboards allow you to copy multiple sections at once and manage them all in one place. This tool works with Chrome Storage, which allows for extra storage space to store multiple copies. These copies can also be backed up so that you don’t have to keep them all.

2. ADP – Copy & Paste

It can be difficult to work with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) sheets. This can also lead to frustration if the copy-and-paste functionality of web formats is not enabled. This extension brings the “automatic back” to the ADP document workflow. It reduces data-entry tasks and eliminates errors.

3. Copy Paste Pro

This extension allows you to copy and paste the contents of websites, even if they have been code blocked

4. Copy as plain text

It’s a browser extension that allows you to copy and paste without formatting. Select the text you wish to copy and then paste it using Plain Text.

One Trick: Check out the 5 Last Things You Have Copied

Do you want to see the five most recent copies? These are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Use the methods above to copy any text
  2. You can copy one more line of text.
  3. When pasting, simultaneously press the V and Search keys.
  4. The list of five copies would be visible to you.
  5. Choose the one you like, and you’re done!
How can I copy and paste on a Chromebook – Learn Shortcuts


There are many ways to use the Ctrl+ C or Ctrl+ V methods. These steps will help you copy and paste your Chromebook content. These digital shortcuts will make your job easier.

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