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10 solutions for “Could not Communicate With Your Google Home Mini”

Google’s smart speakers are reliable and high-quality thanks to its Google Assistant AI platform. These smart speakers are reliable, but they can sometimes have issues that cause malfunctions.

It can be frustrating when your Google Home smart speaker doesn’t respond properly or has a communication problem in general. The Google Home app will likely give errors messages such as “Could not communicate with your Google Home Mini” due to communication issues.

These error messages can be caused by a variety of factors, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues, outdated applications, and other factors. Hardware issues could also cause the Google home mini to malfunction.

Bad settings could cause problems with the Wi-Fi router or modem broadcasting signals to your smart speaker. We will now discuss some ways to repair your Google home mini smart speaker if it stops working.

Here are some of the measures to fix a malfunctioning Google Home Mini

1. Restart Everything

Try restarting your speaker if your Google Home App is unable to link to your smart speaker. It is also possible to disconnect your device from the socket, wait about one minute, and then plug it back in. You can also reset your phone and other network gadgets.

Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini – Restart

Make sure your devices meet the minimum software requirements

To set up your Google speaker, make sure that the smartphone or tablet you use has Android 6 or 5 or higher. Google smart speakers can also work on iOS. Therefore, make sure your iPhone or iPad has iOS 11 or higher.

2. Assure that all accessories are original

Google’s smart speaker range doesn’t come with many accessories. To avoid any problems, it is important to confirm that all accessories used on the Google smart speaker lineup are genuine.

You Couldn’t Communicate With Your Google Home Mini Original Accessories

3. Confirm your Wi-Fi signal range

Poor Wi-Fi connections are the most common cause of connection problems. First, ensure that you have a good Wi-Fi signal to where you want to place the Google Home Mini. You can either move the smart speaker closer or place a Wi-Fi range extender near the speaker.

4. Keep checking the Google Home App for updates

You must have the Google Home app on your iOS and Android devices to set up a Google Home smart speaker. If your smart speaker is connected, you will need to check your Google Home app for updates.

You Couldn’t Communicate With Your Google Home Mini – Upgrading Your Google Home

5. Bluetooth on Your Smartphone

Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone is another option. Start by turning on the smart speaker and then setting Bluetooth to enable it. Launch the Google Home App, and then connect to the Google Home Mini.

You Could Not Communicate With Your Google Home Mini Bluetooth

6. Allow Airplane Mode on Your Smartphone

Some forums report that you can fix connectivity issues with your Google Home smart speakers by turning on Airplane mode, then turning on Wi-Fi.

7. Forget Wi-Fi Connection

It is possible to fix the problem by forgetting the Wi-Fi connection for the smart speaker using the Google Home App. To do this:

  • Start by opening the Google Home App.
  • Click on the app to find the smart speaker and click on it.
  • Click on the setting icon.
  • Don’t forget about the Wi-Fi connection.

8. Check out the Linked Google Account

A faulty Google account could cause communication problems with your Google Home Mini. Make sure that your Google Home App account is the same one used to set up your smart speaker.

You Couldn’t Communicate With Your Google Home Mini. Check Linked Accounts

9. Verify Wi-Fi limits

Is your router limiting the number of devices that can be connected to your Wi-Fi simultaneously? To determine if your router is limiting the number of devices that can be connected to your Wi-Fi simultaneously, you should first remove the devices from your Wi-Fi link. Next, connect to your Google Home Mini.

10. Reset your Google Home

If all other methods fail, the last thing you need to do to fix communication problems with your Google Home Mini smart speakers is to reset it. For approximately 15 seconds, hold down the button located at the bottom of your speaker. The smart speaker will then notify you that the reset process has begun.

You Couldn’t Communicate With Your Google Home Mini. Reset Your Google Home

Last Thought

The above-described measures are intended to fix malfunctions in the Google Home Mini smart speakers. Although these steps may seem overwhelming, you should continue to try them until your problem with the smart speaker is resolved.

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