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How to customize your Canon EOS Rebel T72000D Digital Camera

All professional photographers love the Canon flip-screen DSLR EOS Rebelt72000D. The camera comes with many built-in features that allow photographers to experiment with it. Although some people have found the design confusing or unintuitive, its many features outweigh all of its shortcomings. The Canon EOS Rebel T7 camera offers the ability to modify functions. This is one of its best features. You can, for example, assign a new job to the Set button. This is to silence the camera’s beeper. You have many options to personalize your camera. We will show you how to customize your camera in this article.

You can customize the Custom function menu on the Canon flip screen DSLR EOS Rebel HTML72000D only if the mode dial is set to P, Av, or M mode.

Let’s take a look at the top ways you can personalize the function of your camera.

Changing the function of the Set button on the Canon flip screen DSLR DSLR EOS RebelT72000D

The set button’s primary function is to select options from the Quick settings or Canon EOS Rebel T72000D menu screens. You can assign different functions to the buttons during a shooting in the Av and Tv exposure modes. You can modify the assignment of the set buttons by selecting the custom functions from Setup menu 3. Then, navigate to the 9 custom function buttons with the left-right cross keys.

Other functions that can be used in conjunction with the Setup button include:

  • Image Quality

It displays the screen for you to alter the image’s quality when you select the image quality.

  • The LCD monitor that is on/off

This function will turn on or off the shooting screen. However, it is important to remember that this function is not available in live mode.

  • Flash exposure compensation

This function will allow you to see the entire set that you can adjust for the flash.

  • Preview Depth of Field

You can use the Canon EOS Rebel T72000D to get a preview of the image’s quality and determine how well the depth is captured. This will allow you to see the f-stop you have chosen for the image. The preview can be viewed on the monitor or any other monitor that displays the live view. If the f-stop setting is on high limits light entry, the display may become too dark.

You can save the settings after you’ve made changes. If you wish to return to the default setting you can disable it. This will make it work in normal mode.

Modifying the shutter and lock buttons on the Canon Vlogging Camera EOS RebelT72000D

The auto-exposure is initiated when you press halfway the shutter button. When you press AE, the autoexposure locks. This is the default function for the lock button. You should not alter the default settings of any buttons if you don’t know how they work. As you become more familiar with the function of the camera button you will be able to slowly alter the functions.

To configure the buttons, set the mode dial to TV or AV and then navigate to the Custom Function. You will see multiple functions, which we have listed below. A slash is placed before each option name to indicate the result of pressing the AE lock button halfway. This is a list of the functions that you will find on this menu.

  • AF/AE lock: When you press the shutter button halfway it will initiate the auto-focus setting, which is the default one. When you press the AE lock key halfway, it locks auto-exposure. This is the default setting for the button.
  • AE Lock/AF When you press the shutter button halfway, it locks auto-exposure. It will also start the autofocus when you press the button AE lock. This mode is completely different from the default.
  • AF/AF lock, No AE lock: When you press the shutter button halfway, it will lock both auto-focusing and exposure metering. The AE lock button will lock the focus since the Auto-exposure lock cannot be used.
  • AE/AF: When you press the shutter button halfway in this mode it will initiate the auto-exposure. It will also turn on auto-focus when you press the button AE Lock. When it is in AI servo mode it will start continuous auto-focusing whenever the AE Lock button has been pressed. This is extremely helpful when shooting continuously moving subjects. When you take the shot, the exposure of the image will be determined.

Note This design was created to prevent misfocusing while using the AI-servo Autofocusing. It is an option for viewfinder photography. The auto-focus motor adjusts continuously when you press the shutter button halfway. This helps keep the subject in focus. If something is in front of the camera during the shooting, the focus will shift to the object and not the subject. You can stop the auto-focusing motor by pressing down on the AE lock key. You will need to release the AE lock to restart the auto-focusing engine.

It is important to remember that you should not alter the default settings of buttons unless you can restore them.

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