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How do I add an image comment to Nikon D5600?

Sometimes you may need to add comments or a caption to an image to make it more organized. This is how to add a comment or caption to your Nikon D5600 image.

How to Add an Image Comment to Nikon D5600

Step 1. Opening Setup Menu

To open the setup menu, locate it on your flip screen Nikon D5600. You will see several options. To add an image comment to your photo, you can choose to use the Image comment option.

Step 2. Entering A Character When Touch Screen Is Enabled

You can use more than one method of entering text to your image comment. You can easily enter text when the touch screen is activated. To enter a character on the Nikon D5600 screen, you must tap it. You will need to open the settings menu to enable the touch screen. To enable the touch screen, go to the Setting for Touch control menu.

Step 3. Using Multi Selector To Enter A Character

To add text to your image comment, you can use the multi-selector. To highlight the character you wish to enter, use the multi-selector. Once you’re done, tap the OK button at the bottom. When you’re done typing, the OK button can be tapped. You will see the characters labeled on the left side. Keep in mind that your comment can only contain 36 characters

Step 4. Entering Different Characters

If you need to use uppercase characters or symbols, you will have to move away from the screen of your Nikon D5600 camera. To do this, you will need to choose the Aa and key option. This option is located at the end of your keyboard. Click on the space box on the left sidebar of the AA/key option to insert space in your image comments.

Step 5. Moving The Cursor In The Text Box

To create an image comment, you must be able to move the cursor within the text box of your NikonD5600 camera. To do this, press the arrows to move the cursor. To move the cursor, you can also rotate the common dial. Above the arrows is the symbol for the common dial. The second option is better if you need to quickly move the cursor.

Step 6. Deleting A Character

To delete an image comment character, move the cursor from your Nikon D5600 screen below the character to be deleted. Next, tap the symbol to delete. This symbol can be found at the bottom of your screen. To delete a character, you can press the delete button.

Step 7. Magnifying the Text

Once you have completed your comment, press the OK button at the top. The magnifying symbol is placed on the text. The zoom-in button allows you to magnify text.

Step 8. Placing Check Mark In Attach Comment Box

Last, click on the Attach Comment box to turn the checkmark ON. It is possible to turn it off again by clicking on the button. Once you’re done, click the OK button to exit setup menu.

Your images will appear in your gallery. It’s simple and hassle-free!

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