Difference Between Canon T7 And T7i


Canon T7 vs Canon T7i: What Are the Differences?

Canon is the most trusted brand when it comes to digital cameras. Canon is well-known for its high-performance cameras that are compatible with more devices and offer great features.

Canon’s cameras are also very affordable and great for beginners. We have today compared the most popular Canon cameras for beginners, i.e. Canon T7i and Canon T7i. These siblings, the Canon T7 and Canon T7i will help you choose the best Canon Camera for your needs.

Professional shots can be affected by many factors. We have not noticed any differences between these cameras, as they are very similar in many aspects.

The Canon T7i was released earlier, so the T7i is the latest edition. Although the Canon T7i is more expensive than the T7i, they share many of the same features and designs.

We thought it would be helpful to share the differences between these two Canon editions. These cameras are great for beginners. These editions are great for beginners who want to purchase a DSLR for work or casual use.

Let’s compare Canon T7i and Canon T7i.

Canon T7i and Canon T7i come from Canon’s Rebel series. These cameras share a similar design and look. It is difficult to identify the correct model based on its appearance.

The Canon T7i is a little different than its younger brother, the Canon T7. Canon T7. Let’s move on to the comparison table.

Canon T7 vs Canon T7i – Imaging
Image Canon T7 Canon T7i
Lens Mount Canon EF Canon EF-S
Sensor APS C-MOS None
Resolution 24.7 Megapixel 25.8 Megapixel
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Max 16:9 Max
Image Stabilization Not available 5-Axis Digital Image Stabilization
Image File Format RAW and JPEG RAW and JPEG
Canon T7 vs Canon T7i – Video
Video Canon T7 Canon T7i
Video Recording Format MOV MP4
Recording Modes 640 x480, 1920×1080 1920 x 1080. 1280×720. 1280×720. 1280×720. 1280×720. 1280×720. 1280×720. 1280×720. 640×480.
Recording Limit Enjoy up to 30 minutes of full HD resolution Enjoy up to 30 minutes of full HD resolution
ISO Sensitivity Not Specified Auto or manual – 100 to 12800
Audio Support Microphone built-in Built-in Microphone
External microphone support No Yes, there is an External Microphone Port
Canon T7 vs Canon T7i – Viewfinder
Viewfinder Canon T7 Canon T7i
Type Viewfinder Present: Optical Viewfinder Present: Optical Viewfinder
EyePoint 21mm 19mm
Viewfinder coverage 95% 95%
Magnification of the Viewfinder 0.8x 0.82x
EyePoint 21mm 19mm


Monitor/ Screen Canon T7 Canon T7i
Screen Size 3-Inches 3-Inches
Screen Resolution 920,000 Dot 1,040,000 Dot
Display Type Fixed LCD screen Vari-angle and Articulating LCD screens
Interface Canon T7 Canon T7i
Connectivity HDMI C, USB USB 2.0 Non-Specified
Wireless connectivity Only Wi-Fi Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Media Card Memory Card Support – 1 Port Memory Card Support – 1 Port


Flash Canon T7 Canon T7i
Built-in Flashlight Available Available
Flash Mode Manual or Auto Manual or Auto
Sync Speed Max Sync Speed 1/1200 1/1200
External Flash External Flash Support with built-in Hot Shoe External Flash Support with built-in Hot Shoe


Physical Specification Canon T7 Canon T7i
Weight 475gs with Body, Memory card and Battery 532grams with Battery, Memory Card and Body
Measurements of the body
5.1 x 4x 3.1’’ / 129x 101.3x 77.6mm 5.2 x 3.9 x 3”/ 131x 99.9×76.2 mm
Batteries Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 860mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 1040 mAh


Exposure Canon T7 Canon T7i
Shutter Speed Bulb Mode
1/4000 to 30 Seconds
Bulb Mode
1/4000 to 30 Seconds
ISO Sensitivity Auto
100 to 6400
Exposure Modes Manual, Program Aperture, Shutter Manual, Program Aperture, Shutter
Continuous Shooting At 24 MP, up to 3 fps At 24.2 MP, up to 6 fps

Canon T7

canon t7 vs canon t7i – Canon EOS T7


  • Built-in Autofocus is quite good
  • Convenient LCD screen
  • Rapid shutter speed
  • Great for action shots
  • Use wireless connectivity to share images quickly


  • Battery capacity isn’t that great
  • The screen lacks an articulating screen

Canon T7i

canon t7 vs canon t7i – Canon EOS T7i


  • Excellent Autofocus
  • Articulating LCD Screen
  • Handy body
  • Supports External Microphone
  • Wireless connectivity- WiFi and Bluetooth


  • This camera is not suitable for rough usage.

Which one do you want to buy?

The Canon T7i is more expensive than the Canon T7i, but the Canon T7i is much less expensive. Canon offers attractive discounts for these cameras during special occasions and the festive season. These cameras may be available at additional discounts if purchased during promotional seasons.

The Canon T7i is a great option if you’re willing to spend a little more on a DSLR. It offers many additional features than the T7i, including articulating screen and continuous shooting, dual pixel autofocus, high battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and a powerful battery.

The Canon T7i’s overall performance is also impressive if you compare them. This camera has a modest image quality but better action shots and flexibility to help you expand your photography career.

If you have the budget, we recommend that you get the Canon T7i camera. The Canon T7 is an excellent choice for beginners with a low budget. The Canon T7 delivers high-quality photos with almost all of the features you would expect from a digital camera.

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