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Best Gaming Streaming Platforms

Live streaming is the greatest thing in gaming right now.

It allows gamers to share their victories and defeats, as well as their hilarious, epic fails with an interactive audience. You can make a living from it by building community and making friends.

There are many digital worlds for gamers, each with endless possibilities and tons of opportunities. But which one should you choose to call home, from all the available platforms?


Twitch is the most popular and well-known streaming platform. You can open YouTube to see many video content. Twitch will show live streaming content.

It has been the best streaming platform, but it isn’t just for gaming. That’s right. You’ve read that right.

Twitch is completely free to use and has a well-organized user interface. The website is well-designed and provides detailed analytics about your live views, subscribers, revenues, top videos, and more. Twitch currently has 7+ million users around the world. If you are a beginner it may be difficult to establish an audience.

Twitch does not promote new users so you will be on your own for a while. They also have the worst monetization features. First, you need to become an affiliate before you can monetize your content.

As an affiliate, viewers can subscribe to your channel. A subscription costs $4.99 per month, but streamers get only half that.

However, Twitch is still the most popular platform. If you can get a ranking from all the millions of Twitch users, it would be a huge achievement for the entire gaming and live streaming community.


This is the world’s largest and most popular streaming platform on the blockchain. It was founded in 2017 but has been around since then.

The platform has its currency system and does not take a large cut of streamers’ revenue. PewDiePie was a pro gamer and YouTube’s most popular creator in 2019 and supported DLive.

The Interface is simple and the browse menu is organized according to what game is being played. You can see all streamers who are playing League of Legends if you choose that option. There are many categories that you can stream from. eSports can be divided into different games like Counter-Strike and GTA.

You can also stream music, news, and other broadcasts. DLive is available for Android and iOS users.

DLive does not take a cut of revenue from streamers who subscribe or make digital donations, unlike Twitch which keeps 50% of revenue.

According to the platform, it directs 90.1% of subscription and gift revenue to creators. The remaining 9.9% will go to the most engaged users.


It’s the largest video-sharing site on the internet. It is where most video creators are. YouTube is home to many types of video bloggers. YouTube allowed live streaming in 2008 YouTube, however, seems to be focusing more on video content than streaming content, which is a contrast to other streaming platforms.

YouTube will most likely have vlogs. YouTube doesn’t make it easy for streamers to promote themselves or viewers to locate live streams among sea prerecorded videos.

It’s easy to upload and stream videos on YouTube. It is easy to use and understand the interface.

YouTube streaming is great because your video is already uploaded by the time you are done. Viewers can also rewind to watch their videos later.

Google AdSense allows new users to monetize their streams. You will need to become a YouTube partner if you want better monetization. To join the program, you will need at least 1,000 subscribers with at least 4,000 views.


A global gaming community that focuses exclusively on high-quality eSports content like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. Hearthstone, Overwatch, and League of Legends. It is a competitive platform that schedules tournaments and matches for its members. The site also features gamers from many different countries around the globe and has a Global Ranking of all gamers.

GosuGamers users receive 50 units of site currency to use for betting on their favorite eSports players. You can also find the latest news from the eSports community on this platform. This platform is a great place for competitive gamers as well as eSports fans.


You can live stream games on Facebook just like you do on your account. It is easy to set up your Gamer Content Creator page by clicking the like button. Facebook offers a wide range of content in the app.

People scroll endlessly through Facebook. They will most likely come across your video and it will play instantly. Facebook is the best in terms of reach.

It would be difficult to find you if you are on YouTube or Twitch. If someone shares your video on Facebook, it will be posted to their timeline and seen by their friends.

These people are their family, friends, and coworkers. These connections will be able to see your stream and content on their timelines and could be potential viewers and subscribers.

It will spread like wildfire. Videos can go viral in an instant. It wouldn’t be the same as being a well-known creator on YouTube or Twitch.

Monetization on Facebook Gaming works in the following way: Viewers can give stars to their favorite streamers; each star is worth one cent.

You can subscribe to your channel for $4.99 per month once you have reached the Partner level.

There are no clear statistics for becoming a Facebook Partner. Facebook will only reach out to you if it feels you should be a part of the program.

Live streaming is more than just sitting down and waiting for the right moment. This is a hard job that will require dedication and time. If gaming is your passion, it can be very rewarding and enjoyable.

No matter what platform you choose, remember to have fun. It’s a game community, so what’s not to enjoy?

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